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Along with the leading cannabis oil vape wholesale supplier in China, we offer you premium quality empty ceramic cartridges, 510 batteries, and rechargeable disposable pod pens.

China Leading Oil Vapeorizer Supplier, Premium Quality, Fast Delivery, Cost-Effective

EGreensVape is a China-leading empty oil vaporizer wholesale supplier with a fast turnaround and factory price. We take pride in offering high-quality empty 510 vape cartridges, vape pen batteries and disposable pod pens.

You can get full-service of cannabis oil vape products wholesale here. There is no limitation for your wholesale vape business, we offer free samples, small MOQ and custom vape pen solutions.

We have a full product line for your needs, including:

egreensvape oil vaporizer products

Buy Bulk Oil Vape Hardware Wholesale

Wholesale oil vape products from the manufacturer directly at factory prices. From empty ceramic vape cartridges to disposable pod pens, you can get the most cost-effective solution.

Why Choosing EGreensVape

We have been in the vaping industry over 10 years experience and there are some reasons for why we are your best cannabis vape wholesale supplier.

Premium Quality

We specialize in cannabis vape hardware supply with full quality control system. All our vape products will be inspected before shipping.

Well-experienced Services

We are a team of experienced professionals, who are committed to provide a wide range of services to help you get your business running smoothly.

Variety Vapes

We supply a wide range of cannabis oil products wholesale including empty 510 cartridges, 510 vape pens and disposable vape pod pens.

Fast Lead Time

EGreensVape offers a fast turnround. Sample order within 1-3 days, regular order within 7-10 days and custom order 2-3 weeks.

Custom Vapes

We supply white label service for all of our cannabis oil vape hardware. Branded your own vape pen just simple with us.


We offer small MOQ like 10pcs, 50pcs or 100pcs for your first order so that you can test them without worry about lose money .

Saving Costs

By supplying factory wholesale price for our all products, and raw materials invotory, you will benefit saving costs above 20%. 

Low Failure Rate

We have an experienced team for quality control for incoming materials, finished products, etc. to decrease the failure rate to 0.5%.

How To Order?

Looking for premium cannabis vape wholesale supplier? Contact us!

Send Inquiry

Send us your requestments and needs by online form or email.

Confirm Order

We will reply to you within 2 hours and to confirm with you about the order.

Start Production

After confirming the order, we will arrnage the production ASAP.


When the order is finished, we will arrange the shipment and send you the tracking number.

The place for your cannabis vape needs.

EGreensVape has been supplying cannabis vape hardware wholesale to over 100+ clients. Let's work together to win more business.
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Let's Do Something Amazing!

We offer Free samples to oil brands and bulk wholesale over 10k. Wholesale vape cartridges from the manufacturer directly!

Buy bulk vape cartridges wholesale from EGreensVape, you’ll get:

Fast lead time, 3-5 weeks for custom orders
Free Design Service, OEM/ODM is available
Factory price, no hidden price
Quality warranty & 7/24 support
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