380mAh Max Vape Pen Battery

Max vape pen battery is a perfect 510 thread battery for both CBD and THC cartridges.

  • Slim 510 vape battery
  • 380mAh built-in battery
  • Variable Voltage
  • 11.2mm diameter
  • Preheating feature
FeaturesVariable Voltage and Preheating
ThreadingStandard 510 Thread

Wholesale 380mAh Max Vape Pen Battery

Looking for a high-quality vape pen with a long-lasting battery? Look no further than the Max Battery Vape Pen! With a powerful 380mAh battery, this vape pen is perfect for all-day use. It features a 510 thread, pre-heating, and adjustable voltage, making it compatible with most oil cartridges on the market.

Unlike other slim-style batteries, the Max Vape Battery uses micro-USB charging, which is quick and easy. With just three quick clicks of the button, you can adjust the voltage to your liking. Choose from three different voltage levels: 2.7V (white color), 3.1V (blue color), and 3.6V (red color).

The Max Vape Pen Battery is ideal for those who want to customize logos, thanks to its updated Max Pro 510 threaded vape battery. And with its compatibility with both CBD and THC cartridges, it’s perfect for all of your vaping needs.

Looking for something even more compact? Check out the Max Cart Battery, a vape pen battery with a button that comes in a variety of light colors. Or, if you’re looking for a dab pen or weed pen, try the Max vape pen battery. Whatever your vaping needs, Max Battery has you covered!

Branded or Customized is available for this Max battery vape pen, MOQ for OEM is 1,000pcs.

Max Battery Vape Pen Instructions

  • Grade A 380mah battery
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Variable Voltage
  • Preheating Function
  • Rechargeable
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380mah max vape pen battery

How to use Max vape pen battery

The slim Max battery vape pen is a button-style 510 thread battery, operate this vape pen battery with a quick click of the button.

5 Clicks the button to turn ON/OFF
3 Clicks to adjust voltage: 2.7V – White, 3.1V – Blue, 3.6V – Red
2 Clicks to preheat (hold for 15 seconds)
1 click to stop preheating

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380mah max vape pen battery

Packaging Including:

1 x Max Battery Vape Pen
1 x USB Cable
1 x box

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380mah max vape pen battery

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