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The Quality Vapes

Nobody likes high defective rates products, those are expensive for our customers. EGreensVape has been maintained an unwavering focus on “Quality First” and we have full process on quality control:

Raw materials inspection

Production inspection

Battery cells aging testing

Semi-finished products testing

Finished products testing

quality control

Our Guarantee

All vape products purchased from us are covered by our standard warranty.

What is covered by our warranty

This limited warranty covers defects in appearance, function, and others caused by quality. This warranty applies to all of our vape products including:

  • Cannabis Vape Cartridges
  • Disposable Vape Pens
  • Vape Batteries
  • Vape Packagings

All defective products can be replaced in the next orders.

What is not covered by our warranty

  1. Defects and damage caused by human factors
  2. Products defect and damage due to improper use
  3. Defect and damage caused by improper operation, modification of the product.

Quick Questions On Products Quality

How does EGreensVape control cartridges are heavy-metal free?

EGreensVape has a quality control process to test the leach of metal and we will send the cartridges to independent US third-party laboratories to test vape cartridges for heavy metal.

How do you control battery quality?

The quality of the battery mainly lies in the PCB and battery cell. We source them from the top supplier in the industry, all battery cell has aging test and full inspection on finished products.

What materials does EGreensVape use for vape cartridges?

Oil touching part we use lead-free metal and glass without arsenic, cadmium, mercury, or lead. Ceramic heating is metal-free and cotton is organic.

What is your quality control process?

We have a full inspection on quality from raw materials to finished products. Read more on our quality control here.

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