Ceramic Top Easy Press Cartridge

The easy-press glass cartridge vape pens like the avd ceramic cartridges are designed specifically for high-speed automated filling and capping.

  • Easy-press mouthpiece
  • Tamper proof design
  • Ceramic Core
  • Leak-Free
  • No burnt taste
Heating ElementCeramic Core
Aperture4*2.0mm/ Customize Available
FeatureSnap-on Mouthpiece
ThreadingStandard 510 Thread

Easy Press Cartridge with Ceramic Tip

The Easy-Press Cartridge is an efficient solution for filling and sealing vape cartridges. The cart press system utilizes an easy-press mechanism to cap glass cartridge vape pens rapidly for high volume automated filling. Once the cartridge is capped with the press-on cart system, it is non-refillable and tamper-resistant – essential requirements for selling into state-regulated cannabis markets.

If you are looking for a clear plastic barrel tip, you can have a look at this glass cartridge.

Branded or Customized is available for this easy press glass cartridge, MOQ for OEM is 2,000pcs.



The easy press glass cartridge features the easy click snap-on mouthpiece, it is effective for v rapid automated filling and capping.

  • Easy handy press top
  • Borosilicate Glass Tank
  • Standard 510 Thread
  • No-burn Ccell Technology
  • Available for Customization
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ceramic top easy press cartridge

Technology Specs

  • Tank Capacity: 0.5mL/1.0mL
  • Resistance: 1.4Ω
  • Tank Material:  Borosilicate Glass
  • Oil Intake Holes: 4 – 2.0mm
  • Mouthpiece: Easy Press Ceramic, Clear Barrel Tip
  • Use With: Thick Viscosity Oil
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ceramic top easy press cartridge

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