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EGreensVape was founded in 2013 based in Shenzhen, China, as a electronic vaporizer cartridge manufacturer. Over the past few years, EGreensVape has grown to become one of the most trusted electronic vaporizer cartridge exporter in the industry. As the demand for cannabis vape cartridges increased in 2018, we recognized the need to switch to cannabis vaporizer manufacturing and wholesale supply to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to offer the best and safest lead-free ceramic vape cartridges, vape pen batteries, and bulk disposable vape pen cartridges to oil cartridge wholesalers worldwide. Our products have been well-received in more than a dozen states in the United States, and we have received over 50 five-star reviews from satisfied customers. At EGreensVape, we take pride in our unique approach to safety and craftsmanship, which differentiates us from others in the market.

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How We Differentiate

The safety of EGreensVape vaping products is unique on the market.

Over 8 Years Experience

EGreensVape is a trusted cannabis oil vape cartridges manufacturer based in Shenzhen China, with over 8 years of experience in delivering custom vape products and exceptional service. Our team comprises well-trained workers who follow a high-standard workflow, ensuring that every product we deliver meets our client’s expectations. With abundant production experience and a good supply chain system, we offer reliable and efficient services to our clients.

What we have:

  • Well-trained workers
  • High standard workflow
  • Abundant production experience
  • Good Supply Chain System
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Strict Quality Control System

At EGreensVape, quality is our top priority. We have a strict quality control system to meet our client’s needs, ensuring that we only use industry-standard raw materials and a strict process for high quality. Our supply chain and QC department carefully select suppliers who meet our quality standards, and every batch of materials is sampled by IQC. Our IPQC also conducts random checks during the assembling process to maintain quality standards.

What we do:

  • High standard for raw materials
  • Strict process for quality
  • Full-inspection of finished products
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Brand Your Own Vape Pen

Branding your own disposable vape pen/vape cartridge can be a game-changer for your cannabis vaporizer business. At EGreensVape, we offer custom vape pens services to help your business grow. All of our cannabis vape pen hardware can be branded with your logo, allowing you to stand out in the competitive cannabis vaporizer market. We also offer new product design services (ODM service) to help you create a unique product that aligns with your brand identity.

What we offer:

  • Custom vape pens (OEM service)
  • New product design (ODM service)
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Efficient Customer Service

We are committed to putting our customers first at EGreensVape. Our efficient customer service team ensures that we respond quickly to the constant changes in the market, ensuring consumer satisfaction. We provide consultation services for pre-sale, follow-up on your orders during production, and quick response after-sale services. We also focus on consumer needs, not just products, to ensure that we consistently delight our clients.

How we serve:

  • Consultation services for pre-sale
  • Following up on your orders during production
  • Quickest response after-sale
  • Focus on consumer needs, not just on products.

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Wholesale quality vaporizer products at an affordable price.

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At EGreensVape, we are thrilled to provide complimentary samples to oil brands and offer exceptional wholesale deals for orders over 10k. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing vape cartridges directly from the manufacturer!

When you choose to buy vape cartridges in bulk from EGreensVape, you’ll experience:

  • Amazing Factory Prices
  • 50+ Brands Cooperation Experience
  • Fast Lead Time, 3-5 Weeks for Custom Orders
  • Guaranteed Quality with ISO9OO1 Certified Facility
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