FC1 Full Ceramic Vape Cartridge

  • Pure Flavor
  • Press-on Top
  • Ceramic Core
  • Leak-Free
  • Full Ceramic Design

Product Specification


0.5ml/1.0ml options




Full Ceramic & Lead Free

Heating Element

Ceramic Core


1.4 ohm

Intake Holes

Two large oval oil holes


Standard 510 Thread

FC1 Full Ceramic Cartridge Wholesale

This full ceramic cartridge is a better choice for those who need lead free vape cartridge. It is designed with a full ceramic center post, and it has passed the heavy metal testing. There are two oval shape intake holes, which are better for thick oil. With a microporous ceramic coil, it offers a pure taste and huge vapor.

Another advantage of this lead free cartridge is child resistance function. We design the mouthpiece with a lock, rather than screw on. Compared with Ccell M3 push top cartridge,  you can easily press down the top by hand without a press tool for this lead free full ceramic cartridge. As a disposable design, you can not open it again once the mouthpiece covered. Therefore, this will be the best cartridge for CBD/THC oil in the vape pen filled.

CCELL which means Ceramic Coil Technology, not the brand of “CCELL”.

Advantages&Features of FC1 full ceramic cartridge:

  • Full ceramic design, lead free vape cartridge
  • Two Oval shape intake holes
  • Disposable design with child-proof function
  • Pure ceramic coil
  • Ceramic vape cartridge

There are options for the mouthpiece, please feel free to contact us if you want round or flat mouthpieces.

Branded or customization is available for this lead free full ceramic vape cartridge, MOQ for OEM is 5,000pcs.

Tips for filling FC1 lead free cartridge:

  1. Fill the cartridge from the top, do not fill into the center post
  2. Cap the ceramic cartridge well once filling finished
  3. Insert the mouthpiece and bottom with silicone after filling

Wholesale FC1 Full Ceramic Vape Cartridge

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