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What We Offer

We offer consistently reliable cannabis vape hardware including Ccell cartridges, 510 threaded vape pen batteries and disposable vape pens. All of our vape devices use consumer safe materials and assembled in ISO9001 certified factory.

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Vape Cartridges
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510 Thread Batteries
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Disposable Vape Pens
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Pod Systems

Featured Vape Devices

M4 Ccell Cartridge

FC1 Full Ceramic Cartridge

Eazy Press Cartridge

All Glass Ceramic Cartridge

Max Pro Vape Pen Battery

M3b Ccell Battery

M1 Ccell Disposable Pen

P4 Rechargeable Disposable Pen

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We have been committed to providing high-quality, safe vaporizer devices since 2013. We have the ability to provide you with the best cannabis vaping devices solution.

Need Custom Cannabis Vape Solution For Your Brand?

We care about your business as we care about the quality.

Reliable Quality.

Nobody likes a high defective rate for their products, so do we. That’s why we do:

  • Strict quality control management
  • Only use the best raw materials
  • Full inspection on the finished products
  • Ensure the defective rate within 0.75%
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QC staff inspects the product
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510 battery testing

Safe Products

Safety is the top priority. Unlike those cheap products with poor manufacturing standards, our vape cartridges and 510 batteries are compliant with a strict quality process. 

Our CBD cartridges oil touching parts are non-toxic, and heavy metal testing is passed.

Custom Branding 
to Boost Your Business

We offer a FREE design service for customization branding.

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We offer FREE samples to oil brands and bulk wholesale over 10k. Wholesale vape cartridges from the manufacturer directly! Buy bulk vape cartridges from EGreensVape, you’ll get: