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Our premium lead free cartridges are designed to provide you with a safe and satisfying vaping experience. Using top quality food grade materials and reinforced construction, our cartridges are absolutely free from detectable levels of lead or any other heavy metals. The most popular lead-free cartridge is going to be 100% ceramic or glass, like our FC1 ceramic cartridge and FC3 full ceramic cartridges and cotton free all glass cartridges.

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Premium Food-Grade Materials

We source only from suppliers who adhere to the strictest standards for food safety and user health. These premium materials ensure our lead-free vape carts introduce zero harmful chemicals or contaminants into your oils. Your customers can vape with confidence that our cartridges are truly made from the safest components possible.

PCTG & Pyrex Glass

Our lead free cartridge tanks are made from PCTG a type of medical grade plastic approved by the FDA for food, or crafted from borosilicate glass, commonly known as Pyrex. 

All Glass & Ceramic

We provide a wide range of ceramic cartridges, from Alumina Ceramics to Zirconia Ceramics, and all glass center post cartridges, all of which are safe to use when vaping.

Stainless Steel Metal

For those who like cheap metal cartridges, we offer a range of leaf-free copper cartridges and Stainless steel ccell cartridges.

Silicone Components

All O-rings, seals, and mouthpiece tips used in our cartridges are made from high-grade food-grade silicone.

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Certified Lead Free By Independent Labs

At EGreensVape, we believe the only way to truly ensure customers that our cartridges are lead-free is to undergo rigorous third-party lab testing. That’s why we submitted samples of our cartridges from multiple batches to accredited independent labs specializing in vaping product analysis.

Furthermore, our lead-free cartridges are assembled in a certified facility that meets ISO9001 and GMP standards and has been tested and accredited with CE and Rohs certifications.

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benefits of our premium wholesale lead free vape cartridges

Discover the undeniable reasons behind the immense demand for EGreensVape's exceptional wholesale lead-free cartridges.

Safe and Certified

Our cartridges are certified lead free and toxin free by independent labs, meeting the highest international safety standards. You can resell with confidence that they introduce zero harm to your customers.

Multiple Options

We offer a wide variety of wholesale cartridge models in various sizes and materials to suit different vaping systems and oil capacities. This allows you to meet all your distributors' needs.

High Quality Components

Our cartridges are made with top quality food grade glass and PCTG plastic, precision hardware and medical grade silicone to ensure long lifespan and reliable performance. They justify a premium resell price.

Fast Turnaround Time

Working with a massive in-house manufacturing capacity of over 100,000 cartridges per day, we can fulfill wholesale orders quickly to meet your urgent replenishment requirements.

Competitive Pricing

By sourcing directly from the factory, we offer wholesale prices that are 30-50% lower than average retailers. You gain a significant margin advantage over competitors.

Samples Available

We provide free samples against a nominal order quantity so you can thoroughly test our cartridges before committing to a bulk purchase. This reduces your risk.


Here are some questions you may be interested in before buying our premium lead free cbd oil cartridges.

How do I know your cartridges are truly lead free?

Our cartridges undergo rigorous third party lab testing at accredited labs to receive certification that they contain no detectable lead or toxic heavy metals. We can provide certificates of analysis showing “non-detect” or <0.5 ppm lead levels to prove they meet the highest safety standards.

What materials are your lead free cartridges made of?

Our cartridge components are made from only the highest quality food grade materials. This includes pure virgin borosilicate glass, medical grade PCTG plastic, high purity grade silicone and stainless steel hardware. All materials are selected for their inertness, stability and safety.

Do you offer different types of lead free cartridges?

Yes! We have a wide selection of over 10 lead free cartridge models in various sizes from 0.5mL to 2.0mL and different formats like 510 thread. We also offer options in Pyrex glass or PCTG plastic tanks.

Do you provide samples of your lead free cartridges?

Yes! We offer limited quantity samples of multiple cartridge models free of cost against a nominal order quantity. This allows potential wholesale customers to try and test our cartridges thoroughly before committing to a larger bulk purchase.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept wire transfers for regular orders, 50% deposit, and 50% balance before shipping. For a sample order, we accept Paypal or Credit Cards.

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