Lead Free Vape Cartridges

We manufacture and distribute the best high-quality ceramic cartridges. With our lead free cartridges, enjoy your favorite flavorings without the extreme risk of lead poisoning. You may think that our cartridges are exactly the same as the original cartridges, however, our high-quality manufacturing process and design has been developed to make our cartridges the best on the market and ensure you will have a cartridge that will never leak or clog. Our metal-free cartridges are made of high-quality ceramics and are more cost-effective than other brands. The most popular lead-free cartridge is going to be 100% ceramic or glass, like our FC1 and FC3 full ceramic cartridge and cotton free all glass cartridge.

Our full ceramic cartridges are strong enough to handle any thick oils you can throw at them. Keep your oils safe from contamination and avoid lead poisoning with our lead free vape cartridges.

 In addition, we make sure to manufacture our cartridges in an environment without lead and other contaminants. You can feel confident in using our products knowing that you will be safe from lead poisoning!

Custom Your Lead Free Vape Cartridges

Branded or customized the lead free cartridges with your logo.

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Sample order is available with low MOQ so you can test the cartridges before buy bulk.

Business Growth

The Lead free vape cartridges are very competitive and that will bring your business to grow up.

Excellent Performance

Our lead free cartridges are most popular on the market with good feedback.

Fast Delivery

Hundreds of skilled workers assemble the empty vape cartridges to ensure the lead time.

The listed four lead free vape cartridges are for your reference, all of them have passed the Heavy Metal Testing. The full ceramic vape cartridges are most popular on the market, however, the full pyrex glass lead free ceramic cartridge is the latest. These three cartridges are made without metal in the center post. While if you are looking for a metal design lead free cartridge, the lead free ccell cartridge is the one you need.

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