The Qualified Vape Pen Cartridges Wholesale Supplier In China

EGreensVape is a China-leading empty vape pen cartridges wholesale supplier. We work directly with wholesalers and distributors to provide the best bulk wholesale pricing on the market. 

  • Reliable Quality is always our top priority
  • Free Customized Design on Every Vape Pen
  • Products are always at Factory Price
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50+ Excellent Reviews

egreensvape vape pen cartridges

Wholesale Vape Cartridges, Batteries & Disposables

We offer consistently reliable cannabis vape hardware wholesale including empty ceramic cartridges, 510 threaded vape pen batteries and disposable vape pens. All of our vape devices use consumer-safe materials and are assembled in an ISO9001-certified factory.

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empty vape cartridges

Empty Cartridges

Our cartridges are meticulously designed with performance in mind, ensuring a smooth hit and pure taste even at low temperatures.

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510 vape battery

510 Batteries

Our cartridges are meticulously designed with performance in mind, ensuring a smooth hit and pure taste even at low temperatures.

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empty disposable vape pens

Disposable Pens

Our cartridges are meticulously designed with performance in mind, ensuring a smooth hit and pure taste even at low temperatures.

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Featured Vape Hardware

EGreensVape has a variety of cannabis vape hardware for your needs.

s12 postless disposable pen

2ml Preheat Postless Disposable Pen

S12 is the latest postless disposable pen with the newest ceramic technology. It has the largest ceramic coil and comes with a preheat function, the best option for thick oil.

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s3 1.0ml postless disposable pen

S3 0.5/1.0ml Postless Vape Pen

S3 is a disposable pen with auto-draw activation and a USB-C charging port. It's wickless and postless, and comes in a variety of options with low temp vape available.

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s13 no stem disposable vape pen

1ml No Stem Disposable Vape Pen

S13 disposable vape pen is a 1.0ml capacity device with a 300mAh battery. It features a 1.8ohm ceramic coil, USB-C charging port and no stem/center post.

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max pro variable voltage battery

Max Pro Variable Voltage Battery

The Max Pro 510 battery is an update to the well-known Max vape pen battery. It features a 380mAh rechargeable battery and variable voltage.

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ccell m3b battery

Ccell M3b Variable Voltage Battery

Ccell M3b battery is a Pro variable voltage 510 battery. It’s completely compatible with the Ccell cartridge. Micro-USB, button style variable voltage are the features.

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easy press glass cartridge

Easy Press Glass Cartridge

The easy-press glass cartridge is designed to deliver good performance for both thick and thin oils. It’s made with a barrel plastic mouthpiece and pyrex glass.

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ccell cartridges

M4 Ceramic Ccell Cartridge

The most popular ceramic vape cartridge on the market. The M4 ccell cartridge comes with a screw-on ceramic mouthpiece, pyrex glass and universal 510 thread.

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titan v2 2ml vape cartridge

Titan V2 2ml Vape Cartridge

Titan V2 is a 2ml pretty solid cartridge with a ceramic coil inside. It has a simple appearance and it offers a smooth hit and big vapor. Compatible with thick oils.

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Buy Bulk Vape Cartridges Wholesale

Along with being a premier vape cartridge wholesale supplier, our products are not only high quality but also moderate prices. EGreensVape has been an experienced manufacturer of customized empty oil cartridges for CBD and medical marijuana oil.

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empty vape cartridges

Why Over 50+ Clients Work With Us

Advanced on-demand cannabis vape solution for your needs. EGreensVape helps you in 4 ways to boost your business.

production quality control

Reliable Quality.

We care about quality as much as we care about your business. Nobody likes a high defect rate for their products, we do neither. That’s why we do:

  • Strict quality control management
  • Only use the best raw materials
  • Full inspection on the finished products
  • Defective rate lower than 0.5%
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Safe Products.

Safety is the top priority. Unlike those cheap products with poor manufacturing standards, our vape cartridges and 510 batteries are compliant with a strict quality process. Our CBD oil cartridge is toxic-free, and heavy metal testing is passed. If you are in the market for a top-quality CBD vape product that is safe and effective, EGreensVape is here to offer you the best quality.

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safe products
custom vape products

Variety of Customizations.

At EGreensVape, we’re thrilled to provide you with a complimentary design service to personalize your very own vape pen. Discover an incredible assortment of vape products and solutions, specifically designed for your custom vape pens. Let us help you create a vaping experience that’s uniquely yours.

  • Print colorful cartridge band
  • Custom cartridge mouthpiece
  • Print logo on the cartridge glass
  • Print/laser logo on the cartridge band
  • Custom 510 battery/disposable pen color
  • Print/laser logo on 510 battery or disposable pen
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Saving Your Costs.

At EGreensVape, we’re excited to provide you with unbeatable factory wholesale prices on all our vape hardware. With our exceptional supply chain control and impressive production capacity, you can save a remarkable 20-40% on costs. Get ready to enjoy incredible savings without compromising on quality.

  • 10,000m² Advanced Plant
  • 300+ Internal Skilled Staff
  • 50+ Brands Cooperation
  • ISO9001 Certified Facility
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production line

What Our Clients Are Saying

We take pride in being a vape cartridge wholesale supplier to offer our clients the best quality vape pens for their needs.

They have high-performance reliable ccell cartridges. Since we moved to them, we have rarely complained, and their delivery time is much faster than others. We are happy to meet them.


I’m impressed with EGreensVape customer service and their 510 battery. The batteries last longer than others I bought from China and they offer free custom design and suggestion, that is helpful.


EGreensVape is our best empty ceramic vapor cartridge supplier. They offer us very high-quality and fast-turnaround vapor cartridges. It is lucky to work with them so we don’t waste time and money.

client 1

Discover the Extraordinary Possibilities!

At EGreensVape, we are thrilled to provide complimentary samples to oil brands and offer exceptional wholesale deals for orders over 10k. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing vape cartridges directly from the manufacturer!

When you choose to buy vape cartridges in bulk from EGreensVape, you’ll experience:

  • Amazing Factory Prices
  • 50+ Brands Cooperation Experience
  • Fast Lead Time, 2-4 Weeks for Custom Orders
  • Guaranteed Quality with ISO9OO1 Certified Facility

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