1.0mL Cotton Free All Glass Cartridge

  • All Glass Cartridge
  • Metal Free, Non-toxic
  • Ceramic Core
  • Cotton Free Cartridge
FeatureAll Glass Cartridge w/ Cotton-free
Heating ElementCeramic Core
Resistance1.4 ohm
Intake Holes2.8mm*1.5mm*2

1.0ML Cotton-free All Glass Cartridge

The simplistic, straightforward design of this glass cartridge is extra resistant. This all glass cartridge has many advantages when compared to more traditional glass cartridge, such as being cotton free and lead free to prevent oil contact with metal. Additionally, ceramic coil is used instead of cotton to wick the oil, reducing the chances of burnt coils and prolonging the lifespan of the cartridge.

Easy to fill and cap, this cotton free cartridge is also up to 3 times more resistant than traditional glass ones, and extra resistant to breakage, chips, and cracks. This lead free cartridge is also easier to recycle, and non-toxic: as there is no lead on it there is less chance of it seeping into your oil, damaging and contaminating it and putting your health at risk. All in all, this all glass, cotton and lead free cartridge allows for an easier, simpler, more straightforward vaping experience!

Advantages&Features of All glass cartridge:

  • All glass cartridge with metal-free
  • Lead free vape cartridge
  • Cotton free design

Branded or customization is available for this cotton free all glass oil cartridge, MOQ for OEM is 5,000pcs.

Tips for filling all glass oil cartridge:

  1. Fill the cartridge from the bottom, do not fill into the center post
  2. Screw on the metal base once finished filling
  3. Insert the bottom with silicone after filling

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