Why Isn’t My Ccell Cartridge Working? (2023)

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why isnt my cell cartridge working

The last thing you want is your CCELL cartridge malfunctioning the hour you need it the most. Unfortunately, this seems to happen to many CBD users. If you find yourself in such a scenario, it’s good to know most of the CBD cartridge issues are easy to fix with, of course, the right tips. However, you must determine the root cause of the problem first.

In this post, we’ve covered everything you need to know to get your vape firing perfectly once again and every day.

Possible Reasons For Why Your Cart Won’t Hit

1-Poor battery connection

This is one of the common reasons why your CCELL cartridge might not be working. If your 510 battery is not properly connected to the connection plate of the cartridge, it can result in no or poor contact. The connection plate is designed to move up and down, a mechanism that allows for the accommodation of different cartridges screwed on at different depths.

Loss of contact often happens when the battery is pushed way too far into the base of the cartridge. If the battery is over-tightened when screwed on the vape cartridge, the connection plate will be pushed down and can easily lead to a loss in the link.

2-Clogged cartridge

Your vaping device is prone to build-up that can clog different components, including the cartridge. When the CBD cartridge becomes clogged or coated where the battery makes contact, it interferes with the connectivity. Your battery won’t be able to supply the power to produce vapor. Please note that even the smallest amount of debris or wax can cause connectivity issues.

A clog may happen when you have some leaks or your device sits too long unused. It will be more likely to occur when the type of product you use has a high viscosity level. The risk increases during the colder days because the CBD oil becomes thicker. Another reason a ccell cart clogged is that the cartridge is used many times, the cotton around the ceramic core is clogged.

3-Burnt out cartridge coil

If your vape tastes burnt, that’s an indication of a burnt coil. This often happens when the power output needed to heat the coil goes out of the recommended range. The cartridge coil can also burn out, especially if it’s defective or it has seen a lot of continuous use.

4-Resistance of cartridge

Making the wrong voltage adjustments on your vape device can be a source of trouble. When an atomizer has more resistance, less power will pass through from the battery to the tip of the tank. Decreasing resistance means the current and power will increase. Well, the cartridge is more likely to break when you apply too much power for too long while your resistance level is too low.

5-Battery not charged or damaged

You may think the problem lies within your cartridge but perhaps it’s your battery that isn’t working if your cart has airflow but no smoke. Your cartridge won’t heat up at all if the battery has no charge. If you have been using rapid chargers instead of the recommended charger, then your battery is probably damaged. Rapid chargers or tablet chargers tend to put out too much power, which risks ruining a battery.

6-Exposure to extreme temperature and weather

Leaving your vape cartridge exposed to very hot and humid temperatures can make it to malfunction in some way. If it’s too hot, it can affect the internal infrastructure. When the temperature drops too low, the vape juice can freeze. Pulling it becomes difficult.

Just try keeping syrup in the freezer instead of leaving it out at room temperature. You will notice its viscosity changes. The syrup becomes thicker and slower to pour. Well, the same goes for your vape cartridge.

How to Solve These CCELL Cartridge Issues

1-Fixing cartridge to battery connection issues

When the battery is screwed onto the cartridge too tightly, you can use a paper clip, razor blade, or pocket knife to gently pull the connection plate back up until it is level. If this doesn’t work, make sure you check the connection plate on your CBD cartridge and try the same trick.

*If you think you are facing a battery issue, test your cartridge with another 510 battery. If the cart works well, then your battery has an issue; if your cartridge still does not work, then that may be a cartridge issue.

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2-Fixing a clogged cartridge

One trick to unclog your cartridge is to manually dislodge whatever is clogging it. You’ll need a cotton bud or damp piece of cloth and some rubbing alcohol to wipe clean all the wires exposed and the connection points. Nevertheless, you need to check and ensure alcohol is allowed for your vaping device.

Alternatively, you can use heat, especially when the viscosity of your oil has changed to too thick. A lighter or hairdryer will do the trick. If you’re going to use a lighter, you’ll need to hold it up to the clogged part of the CCELL.

But if you opt for a hairdryer, blast the vape cartridge from a few feet away. This way, the heat levels will increase gently and evenly inside the cartridge and unclog it.

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3-Fixing CBD vape cartridge battery issues

If your vape device is showing red flashes of light, then the battery is out of power. It’s important to charge it fully before testing it on the device. In case you’re using batteries with a button, you will have to hold the button down while you draw.

Sometimes your battery terminal can be clean but does not transfer power back to the cartridge even after you’ve adjusted the connection plate inside the 510 thread. It’s more likely that the battery is damaged. If you have an extra battery, use it and see whether it solves the problem.

When buying a new 510 battery, make sure you pick the correct voltage that matches what the cartridge manufacturer recommends.

4-Fixing a burnt cartridge coil

The best course of action is to replace your cartridge coil. A burnt cartridge can not be used anymore since the cotton-wrapped heating element is burnt as well. That will produce harmful vapor and that is why we suggest you replace with a new cartridge.

But remember the new coils can burn out too if you use a battery that gives too much voltage. So you have to fix that first.

5-Determining safe resistance cartridge levels

You should learn how to use the Ohms law to stay within safe power and resistance limits. Also, the manufacturers have rated their vape batteries with specific resistance levels. So, be sure to check out the capabilities and limitations of your batteries, especially the discharge rate.

Generally, it’s safe to use batteries that have the highest discharge rate with high resistance coils. Please keep in mind that this will affect the amount of vapor produced as well as its flavor. The best way to go about finding the sweet spot is by starting low and working your way up. You will find the spot even before reaching the dangerously high power settings.

6-Protecting your cartridge from harsh temperature and weather

If your cartridge has pulling issues because of the freezing temperatures, just place it in a plastic bag and then place it in warm water for a few minutes to warm up the oil inside. And to avoid having to deal with this and other weather element issues, be sure to keep your vape device in a lanyard or holder at all times.

We hope this helps fix your CCELL cartridges problems. If you can not fix your vape cartridges, you may ask for help from the shop.

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