How to Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge

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how to fix a clogged vape cartridge

Vapes are so easy to use, aren’t they? All you have to do is inhale and you are flooded with the sweet vapor. But when you inhale and no vapor is produced – that can be a buzzkill. Literally. 

You are sure the vape juice is there, and the battery is charged, but the cartridge still won’t produce any vapor. The likely reason is a clog somewhere in the cartridge. How do you fix a clogged vape cartridge and prevent the same problem in the future?

Learn all about unclogging a vape cartridge in this article below.

Signs Your Vape Cartridge is Clogged

Before we go ahead with the steps on unclogging the cartridge, let’s first make sure your vape is clogged. Here are some signs that indicate a clogged vape cartridge:

  • The cartridge produces thin vapor
  • The draws are not smooth or you have to inhale really hard to produce the vapor
  • The vapor tastes funky or burnt and irritates your throat 
  • In severe cases, the cartridge does not produce any smoke at all 

These symptoms are easy to catch, but you also need to ensure they are not due to any other reason like a drained battery or low vape juice. 

Common Reasons for a Clogged Vape Cartridge

Fixing a problem begins with understanding why that problem might have occurred in the first place. So, here are the common instances that can clog your vape cartridge.

Clogged Airflow Holes

The most common reason, especially if you vape outdoors, is clogged airflow holes. Your vape contains various holes at the base, which can often get clogged due to dirt, debris, or lint from your pockets. 

Condensation Buildup

Another common reason for clogged cartridges is condensation buildup, which ends up blocking the mouthpiece. This prevents the vapor from passing into your mouth. A sure sign of this problem is if you feel any tiny droplets of liquid hit your tongue.    

Flooded Chamber

Sometimes, if your vape sits around for a long time, the vape juice can thicken and saturate at the bottom of the cartridge, oversaturating the wick. This can stop the coil from heating up properly, which will lead to clog-like symptoms.

Usually, a flooded chamber is accompanied by a burnt taste or smell.

Incorrect Airflow Settings

If your vape cartridge has airflow settings, incorrectly setting it can also cause symptoms that are similar to a clogged vape cartridge.

Vape Cartridge Shut Too Tight 

If you twist your vape cartridge a little too tight, even that can disrupt the flow of air within the cartridge, leading to symptoms of a clogged vape cartridge.

Oil Viscosity

Cannabis oil is thick, and if you end up using the oil of the wrong viscosity, it can saturate the wick and cause clog-like symptoms in your vape.

Troubleshooting No Airflow in a Vape Cartridge

Let’s make sure your vape is not producing smoke because it is clogged and not because of any other reason. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your vape cartridge.

Check the Vape Juice

Is your vape juice fresh and has not run out in the cartridge? The first step is to check the vape juice and ensure it is still there. Also, you should look for any leaks – sometimes, the juice can leak out if you have not shut the cartridge properly or if your vape is damaged.

Check the Battery

Next, check the battery and ensure it is charged. Usually, vapes have a way to check the battery life, usually with a blinking LED. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on checking the battery and do so.

Check the Wattage

Lastly, you need to check the wattage of your cartridge. Ensure the voltage/wattage/temperature setting is as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If it’s too low, the concentrate may fail to vaporize properly. 

If the above-listed factors are good, you can be sure that your vape is clogged. Learn about unclogging your vape cartridge in the next section.

Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge

Clogged vape cartridge is a common problem and most users face it once in a while. Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix. You just need a little patience and some trial and error.

Follow these techniques to fix your vape cartridge that is blocked.

Gently Blow Into the Vape’s Mouthpiece

Let’s start with the easiest method first. If your vape cartridge is experiencing a minor clog, you can easily fix it by gently blowing into the vape’s mouthpiece. Doing so can also clear the condensation in the mouthpiece. 

Remember, the key here is to blow gently. If you blow too hard, you may oversaturate the wick or cause other problems.

Pull Hard Without Firing the Vape

Next, you can also pull hard without firing the vape – this will essentially force air through the vape, from the airflow holes to the mouthpiece, at higher pressure without burning the wick or vape juice. 

If your vape has multiple airflow holes at the bottom, put your finger on one of them to further increase the pressure. 

Use a Safety Pin or a Needle

If blowing the mouthpiece doesn’t work, you can take it a step further with a safety pin or a needle. Jam the needle through the small holes of the mouthpiece or airflow holes to remove any debris that may be clogging them.

This method is effective even when the vape juice has crystalized or turned hard in the mouthpiece after condensation. 

When using the needle, never push the debris into the cartridge – try to pull out the debris, otherwise, you can damage the coil and render your vape useless.

Remove Excess Liquid from the Cartridge

If the mouthpiece has condensation buildup, it may be due to excess vape juice in the cartridge. So, it is recommended that you clear out any excess liquid from the cartridge using a q-tip or something similar.

At the same time, you also need to remove any condensation buildup within the vape with a needle or safety pin, as explained earlier.

Use Heat

If the condensation does not clear up with a safety pin or has become too hard, you can apply some heat to loosen up the oil. Here, only use a hair dryer or place your vape in a waterproof bag and dunk it in hot water – these should do the trick.

Once the vape is warm, place it upright and let the excess liquid settle at the bottom. Then, clear out residual condensation, remove excess liquid, and start using the vape as usual.

Prevent Clogs in Your Vape Cartridge

While fixing a clogged vape cartridge is easy, preventing this problem is even easier. All you need to remember is a few tips and tricks, such as the following.

Be Mindful of the Temperature 

Temperature and humidity can affect your vape juice’s viscosity – the low temperature can make it thicker, which can lead to clogs in the cartridge. So, you need to keep your vape in the right environment that is not too dry or cold. 

Take Dry Hits

Before each of your vaping sessions, you should take one dry hit to clear out any moisture and condensation from the mouthpiece. While taking a dry hit, be gentle – pulling too hard can oversaturate the wick.

Take Smaller Hits

Taking big hits, like you are smoking sheesha, can increase the chances of condensation buildup in the vape. So, it is recommended that you only take smaller hits – under three seconds – to prevent condensation buildup.

Don’t Overfill the Cartridge

Overfilling the cartridge not only saturates the wick, hampering your flavor and experience, but it can also cause clogs due to condensation or leakage. So, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and do not overfill the cartridge.

Don’t Twist the Vape Cart Too Tight

When attaching the cartridge to the pen, do not twist it too tight as it can block the airflow holes that are located in the threading area. 

Purchase High-Quality Cartridges

Lastly, you should always purchase high-quality cartridges that are built to a standard with better materials and design. Both of these come together to ensure that the cartridge does not face such common problems regularly. 

If you are looking for high-quality vape cartridges, look no further than EGreensVape. We are one of China’s leading vape manufacturers and our products are designed with user experience and reliability in mind.

Conclusion: How to Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge?

Clogs are common in vape cartridges, especially when they get old or are of dubious quality. If you are facing a clogged vape cartridge, use this guide to figure out the cause and fix it. 

Remember the steps on how to fix a clogged vape. It’s fairly straightforward.

Start by gently blowing into the vape’s mouthpiece to clear out any condensation. Next, you can take a long toke without firing the vape; the higher the air pressure will clear out the debris. If that does not work, you can also use a safety pin to clear out the debris from the holes and mouthpiece. And if the vape juice has solidified or there’s too much of it, you can use a little heat to loosen up the oil and a q-tip to clean it up. 

And if you keep facing this problem with your vape cartridge, consider upgrading to a better vape cartridge. It’s better to take the loss than to worry about when your vape will stop working next time. 

If you are a regular vape user, stay tuned to our blog to know all about purchasing and maintaining vape cartridges.

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