Why isn’t my ccell battery not hitting?

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510 battery issue

Everyone has that moment. You pick up your vape pen, you take a hit, and nothing happens. You know how to work them. This isn’t your first rodeo. But what is going on? Most likely, you’ve got a ccell battery problem or ccell cartridge not working issue. If you are in a pinch and need a quick fix, buying a new battery isn’t always possible.

Let’s discuss the issue in two parts. First, let’s go over the possible problems. Then, we can discuss all your potential solutions for battery problems. Note, this article won’t describe how to disassemble a lithium-ion battery. That is dangerous and should only be done by skilled electricians with the proper training.

Possible Reasons for a Ccell Battery Not Working

The first step to any solution is finding out what the problem is. Once you’ve narrowed down the possible issues, you can identify the most likely answer. Next, go over the list and determine what matches your vape pen’s symptoms.

Dead Battery

The most common problem faced by users is a dead battery. Lithium-ion batteries are used because they have the highest voltage compared with their size. They are ultra-light, portable, rechargeable, and safe to use. However, there is one significant downside. The power doesn’t last forever. If you are using a single-use vape pen or a detachable pen, check to see an indicator light. Red usually means dead.

Clogged Mouthpiece

Your issues might not be related to your battery at all. If your vape pen isn’t hitting, always check the mouthpiece. It’s easy just to blame the battery. However, sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the right ones.

Poor Battery Connection

If you are using a cartridge that doesn’t have a pre-installed battery, you will need to attach the battery yourself. This isn’t like installing AA batteries. Next, you will need to screw the threads together correctly. Most likely, you are using a vape pen with a 510 thread. This number refers to the sizing of the screw thread. Everything should line up perfectly.

If you notice something is off-center or not parallel or straight, it may be that the offset threads aren’t allowing the battery to connect with the cartridge fully. Also, make sure you use an adapter if you are trying to go from a 510 to a 710 thread.

510 vape pen issue

Damaged Parts

Batteries are built out of highly sensitive parts. They won’t survive bad treatment or lousy weather. If you have been rough with your vape pen and caused battery damage, you may have irreversibly broken the power storage portion of the pen. Further, dropping the vape pen, hitting it, or otherwise causing impact damage could alter the threads in a way, making it impossible to screw incorrectly. Keep your electronics clean and safe.

USB Charge Port Clogged or Broken

If you’ve ever had an old cell phone that won’t charge, the charging slot where the cord connects is often jammed with dirt and grime. The same thing can happen to a vaporizer battery USB charging port. Dirt and grime are everywhere. Regardless of how it got into the USB charging port, your battery will never properly charge if it is blocking a secure connection. So, your vape pen will always be dead. Look in the USB charging slot with a light and check it out.

Battery Button Stuck or Broken

There are two types of vape pens. One has a button, and the other doesn’t. Buttonless vape pens are always on. You just breathe through the mouthpiece. Batteries with a button need to be turned on. Because you often need to push the battery button multiple times to light up, there are plenty of opportunities to press too hard.

Look at the on button and check to see if it is flush with the battery exterior. It should appear flat and in line with the curve of the shell. Any apparent irregular warping or angling could signify that the on button is broken.

Low Battery Health

Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries don’t last forever. Even if you take care of them and recharge them appropriately, they will eventually die. Lithium-ion batteries die when they don’t hold a charge.

So, when you try to charge the battery, it will always appear dead no matter how long you leave it charging. Depending on the quality of the manufacturer, this could be years. However, just like cell phones, the more you use them and recharge them, the shorter the lifespan.

How to Solve Ccell Battery Issues

No article on ccell battery issues would be complete without explaining how to fix some of these problems. Note that you won’t be able to fix all problems. For the hardest, read the Bottom Line portion for the final solution.

Properly Charge Your Battery

Most people understand how to use a USB charger. If you’ve used any modern electronic gadget, you’ve had experience with this tech. Most vape pen batteries work the same way. The only difference is how you connect the USB to the battery. Most electronics have a port to plug into.

The vape pen battery screws into the USB charger. So, you will need to detach it from the cartridge first before recharging. Then, plug it into a wall charger until the LED light turns green. Don’t overcharge the lithium-ion battery. That could harm the battery and degrade the lifespan.

Check the Mouthpiece Hole

If you suspect that the mouthpiece is clogged, you must clean it out. If you can remove the mouthpiece, do that first. Regardless, you will want to be careful of jamming the debris further into the hole. Use a wire, toothpick, paperclip, or another small item to gently clean away anything you can see. The mouthpiece is probably free and clear of a blockage if you can feel around without hitting anything bumpy.

Unscrew the Battery and Reattach

Unscrew the battery and inspect the threads. Check to see if there is any damage to the threads that would cause them not to align correctly. If everything looks good, screw the battery back onto the cartridge. This is equivalent to turning it off and turning it back on again.

battery connection
battery connection

Look for Dents, Scratches, Pitting, or Holes

While handling the cartridge and battery, look it over for any exterior damage. You may notice a scratch, denting, discoloration, leak, or anything that would indicate something happened. Further, you can use your fingers to touch the vape pen. Sometimes you can feel groves or bumps but can’t see them. A damaged lithium-ion battery should not be used. It could overheat and explode.

Inspect the USB Charger

Don’t just inspect the vape pen. You will want to examine the USB charger as well. If there is something wrong with the charger, your vape battery will always be dead. Likewise, if the screw end is damaged, you might be out of luck.

If the USB end is damaged, you are definitely out of luck. Clean the ends thoroughly with a cotton swab or clean microfiber cloth. Try not to use any water. Water doesn’t mix well with electronics. Once you’ve inspected the charger, try reattaching it to the battery.

Use a Different Outlet

Sometimes it isn’t your battery or charger at all. Most homes don’t come equipped with USB charging ports in the walls. Instead, you will need to use an adapter plugs into the wall. So, you screw the battery into the USB vape pen charger, which plugs into the wall adaptor and the wall outlet.

You may need a new USB wall outlet adaptor. Try multiple types and even try plugging it into your computer. You may be surprised that your adaptor was broken all along. This is a quick fix that could solve a long-term headache. If you don’t have a spare adaptor, you should get one. These are cheap and readily available just about anywhere.

Bottom Line

If All Else Fails

If all else fails, you should just get a new battery. If the battery’s health is too poor, there isn’t anything you can do to fix it. An unhealthy battery won’t charge regardless of how long you keep it plugged into the wall outlet. Further, you shouldn’t open the battery to swap electrodes or lithium-ions.

Further, if the on-button or voltage selector is broken, there is a good chance you won’t be able to use the battery correctly. Finally, if the battery doesn’t heat the cartridge to the appropriate temperature, your experience will be sub-par at best. It isn’t worth the over or under-heating your vape liquid just to not have to buy a new battery.

If you use cartridges with a 510-battery thread, you won’t have a hard time finding a replacement. These 510-thread batteries are universal and found everywhere.

When you purchase a new battery, the brand is reputable and the voltage matches your desired vape compound’s needs. Vaping is a pleasure. Take care of your battery. If you treat it well, it will last a very long time.

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