Why Custom Packaging for Your Vape Products Matter?

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custom vape packaging

Vapes, vapes, vapes – while every brand is focusing on vape products, it’s time for you to take a breath and think about your vape’s packaging. 

Is it custom? 

Does it showcase your brand ideals the way you want it to?

And does it offer your customers an experience they enjoy while unboxing?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you need to focus on custom packaging for your vape products

Take it from the best, Apple, a brand that spends significant capital on making its packaging boxes stand out from other smartphone companies. The reason is, Steve Jobs believed that packaging is a sensory experience that must be paid attention to. 

Read on to know more about custom vape packaging

Why Does Custom Packaging Matter for Your Vape Products?

Let’s be honest – the vape market is competitive these days, with so many brands popping up in all corners of the world. While each brand offers unique features, ultimately, all brands are selling vapes.

Vapes that may look similar to one another, have similar features or lack the eye-catching appeal to make the first impression. 

In this market, your brand must stand out from the rest, not just in terms of features but also in how you package those features. This is where custom packaging for vapes comes in. 

Here are a few other reasons why custom packaging for your vape products helps build your brand.

  1. Custom Branding 

When your packaging boxes are unique, they tend to stand out more from the crowd. After all, who wants brown boxes that were designed by OEMs, when you can have your brand’s logo, name, and color on them? 

This not only helps a user see your products more but also improves your brand image. Your brand turns into a high-grade vape supplier, ultimately leading to a lot of brand recognition and awareness. 

You can truly make your vape device your own with custom packaging. 

vape box

  1. Safety and Durability

Your vape products jump many hands from the factory to the final user – from the delivery agent to the shop representative and many more in between. And let’s not even count the vehicles the boxes go through.

The chances of your vape pens being damaged are immense unless they are secured in safe, durable packaging. Custom packaging for vapes makes this happen by allowing you to customize the boxes as per your requirements and risk factors. 

  1. Better User Experience

The benefits of custom packaging do not end when your audience merely looks at the box, it has to go further. And it does so by giving your customer a better user experience, which is crucial considering the array of unboxing videos on YouTube.

You can add so many customizations to your vape boxes – fancy opening style, an easter egg under the lid, a luxurious texture, and a lot more. Custom packaging, when done right, can leave your customer in awe of the thought put behind your products, which ultimately builds your brand recall. 

  1. Important Information

Once again, if your vape products get shipped in generic boxes, they might not contain a lot of information about your brand and product. But how do you expect your audience to make the final purchase decision when they don’t know what to expect from the product?

So, with custom packaging, you can finally give your audience all the information they need right on the box. They no longer have to guess or ask the shopkeeper about it. You can include information like features, battery capacity, flavors, ingredients, allergy notices, expiry dates, or other warning labels. 

vape packaging

  1. Helps Meet Industry Regulations and Standards

Depending on the product you sell and the country you sell in, you might be liable to follow a set of regulations and standards for your vape products, considering they are electronic and tobacco devices. 

In that case, custom packaging can help you meet any regulations or standards related to the packaging, so you don’t get into legal trouble or face any bad rep regarding your brand. 

  1. Higher Sales and Customer Loyalty

Eventually, all the benefits of custom packaging for vapes come together to this – higher sales and better customer loyalty to your brand. And with these two in place, you can take your brand to newer heights than ever before. 

Essentially, the better your vape devices are packaged, they reach a wider audience, and more of them purchase the product and stay loyal to your brand in the long run. Additionally, you save on all the legal troubles if your packaging fails to meet any regulations and all the devices are lost in shipping due to subpar quality boxes. 

That can lead to a significant bump in your books, which is always a terrific thing for any brand. This is why you must focus on custom packaging for your vape devices. It might not look like it, but it can seriously affect your brand performance in the market. 

What to Look for When Choosing Custom Packaging for Vape Pens?

Custom packaging for vape devices is a must for any growing vape brand, but there are a few factors that you must take into consideration when choosing the packaging, such as the following.

  1. Variety and Options

The reason why you are going the custom route is so you can design the box the way you want, not just paste your logo sticker on a generic box. So, when choosing a custom packaging supplier for vapes, ensure that you get options and variety. 

This includes everything about the box – from the material they are crafted from to the surface finish, along with how they can be used or operated and how they hold your vape and other peripherals within.

vape packgings options

  1. Custom Branding

If a vape packaging supplier claims to offer custom boxes but does not allow custom branding, they are not fooling anyone. Always choose packaging boxes that you can customize as per your brand ideals, including visuals, fonts, colors, logos, and much more. 

  1. High Quality and Durability

Additionally, the custom vape packaging must also provide a high-quality finish on the boxes. You can find low-quality ones for a dime a dozen, but those aren’t worth it. 

Not only do low-grade boxes offer a subpar user experience but they also suffer from durability issues, which as mentioned above can seriously undercut your bottom line in the long run.

  1. Low Cost on the Environment

A lot of vape products are harmful to the environment when not disposed of properly, and while the industry works to curb such mishaps, every brand must reduce the impact on the environment wherever they can.

And packaging boxes are one way your brand can be more eco-conscious. Because, after all, the user is most likely going to toss the box once they have used the vape device and move to the next one. 

So, you want your custom packaging to also be eco-friendly so that it does not end up hurting the environment. Additionally, good packaging will also cause fewer emissions when they are being produced, not only when they are being disposed of. 

Why Choose EGreensVape?

EGreensVape is a leading vape and vape packaging manufacturer in China, with over 100+ clients worldwide. Our company specializes in manufacturing an array of high-ranking vape devices and custom packaging for vape brands

With our custom packaging, you get a lot of benefits and less of headaches. Here are the following things you can expect from our custom packaging for vape services:

  • We offer free design customization for your vape packaging as per your brand guidelines and preferences
  • The designers that work on the boxes are experienced and design boxes that can surprise even the best of us 
  • Since we manufacture our boxes locally, we offer a tremendously quick turnaround time and a delivery that usually happens within 3 to 5 weeks of the order
  • Plus, thanks to local manufacturing, we can also send you a variety of free samples a lot quicker, regardless of which side of the ocean you are on
  • We offer a warranty on our products and 24/7 support, should you require any further assistance 
  • And our costs are unbeatable for the quality we offer as we manufacture boxes in accredited factories using eco-friendly raw materials 

Apart from this, there are a ton of options you get to choose from when it comes to our custom packaging boxes, such as the following:

  • Child-proof boxes so your customers don’t have to worry about their vapes getting into the hands of their curious kids 
  • Various box closures such as draw-type, flip-up, and clamshell, depending on which ones suit your products the most 
  • Multiple finishing options like matte, glossy, embossed, and foil stamping

But this is just a glimpse into what we can achieve together. If you want to take your custom packaging to the next level, contact us today, and, together, we can create a meaningful packaging experience that your customer will not only pick from the rest but also cherish using.

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