Facts of Disposable Vape Pens on the Market

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disposable vape pen

A variety of disposable pens have come onto the market in recent years. However, choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky. We know that buying a good disposable vape pen can be somewhat complicated. After all, several models have different characteristics you can choose from. Then again, you find vape pens for varying cartridges. So, what to do? Here is a quick explanation of several facts about the current disposable pens on the market. Read on to find out some curious facts and tips, ranging from the earliest models to the cutting-edge CCELL disposable pen.

What about disposable pens?

The first vape pen dates back to 1963. Maybe, it’s hard to believe, but this tech was invented in 1927. With this in mind, modern disposable pens made their appearance in 2003. Since then, many models came to pass. All over the world, people used them to make clouds, as an alternative for standard cigarettes. Then, the cannabis and CBD industries bloomed in the USA.

In the past, cannabis vapes were bulky, and with battery-powered atomizers that ran between 650 and 1000mAh. Today, herbal vaporizers have come a long way. You can find a disposable vape pen with a high-performance heating system and battery. On a side note, many brands embraced distinct styles or market directions to pursue different target audiences.

For example, Puff Labs Stix focused on stylish looks and high-quality materials for people who mostly vape at home. Helix Bar offers products with long-lasting batteries for customers who travel a lot. And CCELL looked more deeply into the disposable vape pen customization features. That is, a CCELL disposable pen allows for various vaping styles.

disposable pens

The structure of a disposable vape pen

Over time, vape changed remarkably. But, the overall structure is somewhat similar for most disposable pens. You press your lips on a mouthpiece. Below it, the cartridge holds the liquid or oil. Next to the cart, the atomizer (heating element) heats up to create the vapor. Lastly, the battery sits on the far side. Usually, you just inhale to turn on the device.

Basically, the key features that most vapers use to judge a disposable vape pen include:

  • Vapor quality and quantity. A vape pen must produce consistent vapor with a good aroma to qualify as one of the best disposable pens. Typically, the best vaporizers will produce large clouds of vapor and fully vaporize the oil or juice without burning it.
  • Robustness. Only well-built models can make it among the best. For one thing, it must be simple to use. Plus, adaptable enough to allow use for both beginners and more experienced users. Finally, it must be easy to clean. If several models are readily available, then the score is even higher.
  • Battery. Of course, it must be long-lasting to allow prolonged use even outside the home. If the model is intended for casual use, then you want to consider other factors. For instance, how fast it heats up, capability, and weight

Why disposable vape pen

At this point, you may be wondering how to get the preferred dose of CBD/THC oil through vaping. Most disposable vape pens come with pre-filled carts. That is, a pure oil cartridge containing distillate from a specific cannabis strain. For example, Bubba Kush or Sour Diesel.

Quality and strength are critical factors for a CBD/THC cart. So, you will usually find percentages indicating how much CBD and THC they contain. Besides, the price will greatly vary due to the brand and quality of the product.

To avoid any of these issues, you can choose an empty disposable vape pen that you can fill by yourself. As previously mentioned, a CCELL disposable pen lets you do that. For example, you can buy a CCELL TH001 and fill it with your favorite high-viscosity oil. Then, you cap it to seal the chamber and use it as a regular disposable vape pen.

Cannabis vapers may prefer cannabis oil because it tastes better. Plus, vapor does not smell as strong as smoking joints. Nonetheless, you will need to test more than one oil yourself to find the right concentration for you. On the bright side, you can always start slow and minimize any negative side effects, including red eyes and general discomfort.

A disposable vape pen starter kit may also be an option for beginners. In this case, these vape pens use 510 thread carts. 510 thread refers to the standard battery used in the vape industry. So, you can even buy pre-filled carts and use them with your 510 thread-compatible vape pen. For instance, a CCELL disposable pen starter kit lets you recharge your disposable vape pen a try different oils/carts.

Important factors for savvy purchases

As a trusted disposable pens manufacturer, our company relies only on the best materials to create our products. If the construction materials are excellent, they prevent overheating. As a result, the product will last for longer periods. To put it differently, it means that it will produce more puffs.

Ultra-resistant aluminum makes up for a good quality product. Stainless steel is also a great material to use on the outside of the vape pen. For the rest, ceramic heating elements and mouthpieces grant a satisfying vaping experience. In detail, they help preserve the flavor.

The heating phase is the most delicate part of the overall process. If the materials are not first-rate, then the vapor will feel less enjoyable. Above all, quality control also plays an important role. Not only do we have to find the best materials, but also control every production phase. Here is a short list of quality controls to ensure high-quality disposable pens:

  • Production line quality control
  • Safety protocols
  • Final quality testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Out-of-box audit (checking the quality of the packaging)

Once the product arrives at a store, resellers are responsible for the correct storage. So, we heartedly advise to:

  • Test the disposable vape pen immediately after the purchase. In this way, you can be sure it works fine.
  • Count how many puffs you get from your pen. No disposable vape pen should give less than 100 puffs.
  • Try out several flavors. Sometimes, the vape pen might be alright but the juice could be wrong.

Final thoughts

If you want to dive deep into the vaping world, then disposable pens are a great place to start. It does not matter if you are a casual vaper or a cloud chaser, you can find different models right for you. On the same token, we suggested a CCELL disposable pen for anyone wanting to explore his or her vaping style.

The difference between several disposable vape pens depends on looks, overall quality, and pre-filled content. Once you get familiar with these factors, you can find more about the more technical specs.

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