Why are Ceramic Vape Coils Better Than the Rest?

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ceramic vape coil

Vaping has gone from a niche indulgence to a commonplace activity, and with this rise, more and more innovations are coming to the realization, especially in the coil department. 

And in this quest, it can become overwhelming for one to find the best vape coil. Is it cotton? Is it metal? Is it quartz? The answer is, none of them. A ceramic coil is, in many ways, the best type of vape coil you can use. 

But why is that? Read on to know all about ceramic vapes and why they are a better option for you. 

What are Ceramic Vape Coils?

Vape coils come in wide varieties, one of which is ceramic coils. As you may already know, ceramic is a compound made from metallic, non-metallic, or other compounds – popular ceramic products being brick, porcelain, and earthware.

But ceramic coils made for vapes are different – they are made with materials that improve the longevity of the coils while protecting the coil from oxidation, something metal coils are infamous for suffering with long use. 

Other than that, ceramic vape coils serve the same purpose as other vapes – heating the vape juice to produce the sweet vapor. 

And there are two types of ceramic coils in the market, such as the following:

  1. Ceramic Cylinder Coils

An innovative product, the ceramic cylinder coil is unlike regular metal coils. Here, a metal coil, made from stainless steel or titanium, is encased in a cylinder of ceramic.

The porous ceramic cylinder protects the metal coil from oxidation and other kinds of common wear and tear while also serving as the wick. So, your vape will no longer need a cotton wick since the ceramic coil will soak up the vape juice and heat it. 

  1. Metal Ceramic Coil

On the other hand, metal ceramic coils are more in line with other types of coils. Here, the coil wire is coated in a ceramic outer layer, not a cylinder. Since ceramic does not act as a wick here, you still need to use cotton like any other vape coil.

Why Ceramic Coils are Awesome?

Let’s be honest – vape users want the best products, including the vape coil they choose. This is where ceramic coils shine because they offer a ton of benefits over other vape coils, such as the following.

  1. Better Vapor Flavor 

Thanks to ceramic coils, you can experience a much better flavor from your vape juice, and if the ceramic coil is high-quality, expect a smoother hit, too. This is because no compound in a ceramic coil interferes or reacts with the vape juice. 

On the other hand, metal coils tend to leech some flavor into the juice over time, hampering their profile. Here, titanium and nickel are the most notorious. But you don’t have to worry about that with a ceramic coil – the flavor will be crisp and clean.

  1. Longer Life 

Metal or regular coils are prone to damage from high temperatures over time, but ceramic coils are not. Unlike metals, ceramic coils do not expand or shrink so much due to temperature changes, leading to less wear and tear over time. And they do not become brittle over a long time, too.

  1. Zero Dry Hits

No one likes dry hits, but they occur in regular coils. So, if you are looking for a coil that does not cause dry hits, look no further than ceramic coils. Ceramic coils, especially ceramic cylinder coils, are porous and work as terrific wicking compounds for vape juice. 

  1. Fewer Spit Backs (Leak from mouthpiece)

Another common concern with regular coils is spit backs, which do not occur as often with ceramic coils. Spit back is when the vape juice shoots up through the mouthpiece, ending up in your mouth. That’s a nasty taste. 

Ceramic coils heat evenly, ensuring the juice gets vaporized more efficiently, preventing chances of spit backs from occurring. At the same time, ceramic coils also keep the juice from pooling.

  1. Bigger Clouds

All the benefits mentioned above come together to make ceramic coils produce a much smoother, thicker cloud – it is a lot more efficient at heating the juice evenly. 

ceramic coil vs wick coil

How are Ceramic Coils Different from Wicks and Quartz?

Other vape coils like quartz and wicks are common choices for many vape users, but ceramic beats them all. Let’s take a look at some of the ways ceramic coils are better than wicks and quartz. 

In terms of flavor, ceramic offers the purest flavor followed by quartz; wick offers the poorest flavor because it is susceptible to a lot of contamination and damage due to continuous heating. 

When it comes to heat retention and temperature control, ceramic is miles ahead of the other two since it can heat up quickly and efficiently while maintaining the right temperature for longer, which is ideal for a long vaping session. 

Another terrific advantage of a ceramic coil is that it is suitable for cannabis oils. Even quartz coils are. But the same cannot be said about wicks since they cannot handle it well. Additionally, ceramic coils can also handle both high- and low-viscosity oils, unlike the other two that often fail to handle low-viscosity oils. 

What are the Drawbacks of Ceramic Coils?

Everything comes at a price, and so do ceramic coils. And the price to be paid here is limited tank options and faster juice consumption. Let’s take a look at the two disadvantages of ceramic coils below.

  1. Limited Tank Options

Ceramic coils are relatively new in the market and not a common sight. And not all manufacturers have standardized their tanks to fit with ceramic coils. So, if you want to use a ceramic coil, finding a suitable tank can be a challenge, depending on your local market.

But if you choose EGreensVape, you don’t have to worry about that. More on this below.

  1. Faster Juice Consumption

Ceramic coils heat the vape juice a lot more efficiently and evenly, but it also produces more flavor. And this takes a hit on how much vape juice it consumes over time. So, with a ceramic coil, you may have to worry about your vape juice running out faster than usual.

The difference isn’t so drastic that it takes a big hit on your pocket or the usability of your vape, but enough to be noticed by an experienced vaper. 

How Safe are Ceramic Vape Coils?

Like anything new on the market, there are always concerns over its health impact. Ceramic coils are no exception. In recent times, many users have expressed concerns over the health impact of ceramic coils.

However, it is important to note that these health concerns are speculative at best and have no scientific basis. 

But do note that, like any other vape coil, ceramic coils still pose a danger in terms of vapor’s impact on the lungs and substance abuse, especially nicotine. And no material can challenge this concern unless drastic measures are taken to find a healthier, less addicting alternative to nicotine. 

Other than that, no scientific evidence suggests that ceramic coils are harmful to the human body, especially if you use them with cannabis oils that don’t contain nicotine. It can be argued that it is a safer alternative to many other vape coils, especially cotton wicks that tend to burn, producing a toxic aftertaste to the vapor. 

What are the Best Ceramic Vape Coils?

Finding the best ceramic vape coil is overwhelming, but it is made easier with EGreensVape. We are one of the leading vape manufacturers in China, producing industry-leading ceramic vape coils and cartridges. 

Here are three of our leading cartridges that use ceramic coils.

  1. M4 Ccell Cartridge

The M4 Ccell cartridges use the gold-standard Ccell coil, ensuring a big cloud of sweet flavor. The coil is made of porous ceramic and when paired with a leak-free cartridge, this is a terrific option for vape enthusiasts. And did we mention, it uses a standard 510 thread so you can customize it the way you want to?

  1. FC1 Full Ceramic Vape Cartridge

For many vapers, lead is a concern. This is where our FC1 Full Ceramic Vape Cartridge comes into play. It uses a fully ceramic center post to heat your vape juice, even if it is thick or thin. And since the coil is microporous, the vapor it produces is a lot smoother and tastier than other coils. 

  1. Wood Tip Ccell Cartridge

This one is one of our signature products with a distinct appeal – a wooden tip. But this not only looks gorgeous, but it is also a breeze to use, thanks to its optimized ceramic coil. 

EGreensVape’s Ccell Technology

Ccell is the technology we use in creating our vape products. This ceramic coil technology is a standard-setting piece of hardware, offering a terrific experience to the end user. Our Ccell technology ensures your vape produces a superior taste while being heat resistant and reducing the chances of clogs, dry hits, and spit backs. 

Additionally, our vape products are fully customizable for you (for wholesale orders). With EGreensVape, you can produce vape products that use the best and the safest technology that offers an unparalleled experience to your customer while also helping you stand out from the competition. So, what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to your call. Contact us today.

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