Disposable Vape Pen Wholesale Guide 2021

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disposable vape pen wholesale

As a disposable vape pen wholesale supplier, Egreens lets you access a large array of products. From disposable vape pens to the latest lead free disposable vape pen cartridge, you can find more than 20 different vaping product models.

Vape pens represent a safer alternative for people who wants to stop smoking. But at the same time, the vaping culture has its followers and enthusiasts. So, you might want to get to know the many available products for creating a savvy selection for your customer base.

In this brief guide, you will find out the varying styles and types of vaping products to help you choose the best disposable vape pen for your business. With this in mind, you can browse our online catalog for specific CBD disposable vape pen offers at any time. Or contact us directly for more information.

Styles of disposable vape pens

In the vaping product family, the three main protagonists are:

For the best results, you should consider requesting a customized version. Mainly because you are purchasing a type of disposable vape pen wholesale. Customization helps you achieve a brand personality and spread your message around the whole community. As you can imagine, each product comes with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for requesting customized versions, as the customization process requires more work on our end.

Ccell style disposable pen and the M1 CCELL Disposable Vape Pen

Ccell disposable vape pens come with bigger intake holes for thicker oils. This means that the oil will taste considerably better out of the cartridge than other models. Broadly speaking, the ceramic coils with the proper battery voltage produce the best-tasting clouds that customers can enjoy.

For reference, take a look at our M1 CCELL Disposable Vape Pen. On the top, the disposable vape pen has a round mouthpiece. The tank capacity is the standard half milliliter. In detail, you just unscrew it from the top and fill the tank along the side of the rod inside. But unlike other disposable vape pens, there is no on-off button. The customer just inhales whenever he or she wants and lets the vape pen do the rest. In fact, it is an automatic model that customers like to use on the go.

These pens are not for the vaping connoisseur. But they are a great option for customers that want a quick, satisfying hit multiple times a day. After all, the heating element can vaporize thicker oils fast. Usually, the higher the viscosity of the oil, the faster the customer wants to inhale it.

All in one pen style and the M2 Rechargeable Disposable Pen

With so many cannabis oils and strains on the market, customers may have trouble switching from one CBD/THC product to the next. Sometimes, when customers come to the end of their disposable, the battery dies before they run out of the extract. Normally, they cannot hit the remaining vape oil. But with this vape pen style, you can recharge the battery and keep vaping.

Thanks to the micro-USB port on the bottom, a model like the M2 Rechargeable Disposable Pen surpasses the competition. In our rechargeable disposable vape pen, the ceramic core allows for a smooth flavor and throat hit. For THC vapers and CBD dispensaries in the United States of America, this product is the most ideal for selling your distillates and resins. Of course, you might want to take a look at the disposable vape pen cartridge section as well for more inspiration for your most loyal customers as well.

Pod systems and the P1 CBD Disposable Pod Vape Pen

Pods are more solid than pens. That is why a pod is the best CBD disposable vape pen for heavy vapers. For example, our CBD Disposable Pod Vape Pen comes with a compact design and a 320 mAh battery. As a disposable product, it is not refillable. Once it is done, the customer still tosses it out. So, we increased the battery capacity to allow vapers to finish the oil in the pod tank, which contains up to 0.5 ml.

Non-rechargeable and rechargeable disposable pens

When buying wholesale disposable vape pens, you should consider which type of pen your customers will like more. As a vaper, one might still want to buy wholesale just to try out several flavors on his or her own. But for CBD/THC manufacturers, knowing your target audience will make a difference. Here is why you should pay attention to each type before placing your order.

As mentioned earlier, the M1 non-rechargeable pen has an all-in-one design. With no on/off button, this vape pen is convenient and easy to use. If you aim to limit your vapes more than other products on the shelf, these disposable vape pens are the most suitable. Of course, you can also use them if you are trying to promote a CBD brand with 100% pure CBD extract.

If you are promoting brand-new CBD strains, choosing the M5 rechargeable pen type is the best idea. In fact, you should not want your customers to run out of battery. Especially after putting so much effort into creating a high-viscosity oil with an amazing terpene profile. The leak-free design and automatic battery ensure ease of use and more focus on the oil quality. Plus, the tank section is completely exposed to perfectly gauge the remaining oil at any time.

Which pen you should choose to wholesale

Making vaping easier for your customers

Both models we just referred to you have no button on them. In fact, the draw activation takes care of heating and vaporizing the oil at the optimal level. The airflow is standard, which also lets you sell pre-packaged vapes quickly to upsell more flavors and oil syringes.

Disposable vape pens have come a long way. Today, our products reflect the highest standards in the industry to deliver smooth, milky vapor clouds. So, retailers and oil manufacturers should consider their customers’ habits.

Casual vapers are usually first-time buyers. Perhaps, they do not vape much but want to try the new trend at least once. For them, auto draw disposables are easier to just pick and vape. Instead, people looking for rechargeable disposable are returning customers. Maybe, they are looking for new CBD brands or pure CBD isolates.

Rechargeable ones are also ideal for targeting people who vape to stop their cigarette addiction. In fact, quitting smoking is an achievable goal that only takes between four and six weeks. On average, the cigarette smoker will consume between three and twenty disposable vape pens during this period.

Lastly, you may want to increase the tank capacity to compete with other brands in the area. The M5 rechargeable pen also comes with a bigger tank, up to 1 ml. So, you should consider the disposable vape pen wholesale catalog as your tool to success. As manufacturers, we strive to meet your goals.

The pros and cons of each pen type

All disposable vape pens are lightweight. But not every type is meant to be used all day, every day.

Non rechargeable ones tend to be cheaper. But rechargeable ones are more eco-friendly options for most customers. Besides, other customers may only want to shop for a disposable vape pen cartridge because they have refillable gear.

Disposable vape pens are slightly taller than pods. So, pods are considered more pocketable than them. On the bright side, pens can stick out of breast pockets. So, they are easier to reach and use in the office.

Pods are tiny and stealthy. In brief, their short, compact design lets you take a CBD hit without anyone noticing. Most people prefer pod systems like them because they do not seem easy to break. In other words, these customers are afraid of losing their precious and costly CBD concentrate. The pod looks like the perfect all-in-one device that is going to last all day and does not require you to use your refillable device. For example, while on vacation. They are discreet.

The only downside of rechargeable vape pens is the lower battery capacity. To compensate for the cost of using a Micro-USB port, the battery has a slightly lower capacity. But as these products are meant to be recharged, you should sell them and target customers that vape mainly at home. Instead, people who want to choose different voltage settings may not like the idea of non rechargeable ones as they share the same draw standard. But in the end, preference for disposables comes down to the customers’ perceived price–performance ratio.

Three factors you should consider

  1. Price and quality make buying disposable vape pens wholesale worth it. All in all, you should consider how many pens or carts you need to further increase the convenience. Then again, you might consider customization options that will skyrocket your brand success faster.
  2. As manufacturers, we run full inspection routines before packing and shipping our products. But we still give you a warranty for defective products that display defects in either appearance or functionality. You can count on us to replace the faulty products in the next order.
  3. Lastly, we do not control the shipping delivery time. Due to the PACT Act, shipping from China may take longer than usual. So, be sure to place an order in advance. You can contact our friendly staff at any time to discuss your schedule and see which solution works best for your company.

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