Choose the Right Empty Vape Cartridges Wholesale

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empty vape cartridges wholesale

Before you buy bulk vape cartridges, make sure you selected the appropriate products. Getting the most suitable vape cartridges wholesale for your vaporizers and customers is imperative, after all. More importantly, pick the right cartridge type, model, and supplier.

Here is all the information necessary for a satisfying purchasing experience of empty vape cartridges wholesale.

Choose your types of vape cartridges

It all starts with a basic choice. That is, do you need 510 thread cartridges or Pod-style cartridges? On the market, you find all sorts of cart types. But usually, the two most popular designs involve a 510 thread battery or a Pod system.

Generally speaking, 510 thread batteries are the sought-after batteries for vaping CBD and hemp products. You may find rechargeable vape pen and non-rechargeable vape pens. Depending on the capacity, high-powered batteries are ideal for thick oils.

When you sell cartridges for 510 thread batteries at your dispensary, the customer cannot use them with other pens. This means that you need to specify the type of connector as well. For example, the 510 thread connectors include C-type and eGo connectors. You find this detail in the specs of both the vape pens and carts.

THC/CBD oil pod vaporizers are usually prefilled with THC or CBD oil. Of course, most suppliers sell the whole POD system. The buyer gets to fill each empty tank with oil of choice. After that, the tank will snap itself shut with just a little push.

Custom pods and cross-compatible pod that can use 510 carts also exists. So, make sure you select the right cart type depending on the vaporizers you sell as well.

As you might know, you might have to deal with a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) when you buy bulk vape cartridges. So, choosing the correct type is the first step in the selection of empty vape cartridges wholesale.

Considerations for buying bulk vape pen cartridges: Is the cartridge suitable for your oil?

When it comes down to vape cartridges wholesale, you can choose from several models. So, here is a summary of all the 9 features and specs you should be considering.

Bottom airflow cartridges

As hinted at above, start by making sure the cart connector is compatible. For example, Ccell cartridges are usually compatible with a buttonless auto draw battery.

By Ccell, I mean the ceramic heating element tech. Inside each vape pen, a coil heats the cart content. Oil content-wise, buy Ccell vape cartridges wholesale for vaping concentrates and distillates.

Even if the cart fits in another type of vaporizer, the quality and performance will be a lot different than using a Ccel coil. The bottom airflow carts were among the first model to come out on the market. So, make sure you sell compatible vaporizers as well before you buy bulk bottom airflow cartridges.

Ccell carts have at least four inlet holes. At the bottom of the cartridge, you can see two air inlet holes. These secondary air inlet holes ensure the best vaping experience with compatible 510 thread vape pens.

Top airflow cartridges

Top airflow vape cartridges became popular because they do not leak. As the name implies, the holes at the top of the cart allow air to go inside the center tube. So, the air goes down inside the main tube and then goes back up through the center. But unlike previous generations of cartridges, they only work with a push-button battery.

This tech ensures the air mixes with the vape juice from above to let you inhale the vapor as it rises. In other words, the intake system prevents leaking by design. Each top airflow cart should display a line on the tank to give you a visual limit for filling them. After you fill the tank, you just screw the mouthpiece back on.

Varying models of top airflow carts will have a somewhat different shape. But as long as the connector is the same, you can buy bulk vape cartridges with no concerns for compatibility.

Adjustable airflow cartridges

As you inhale, the air flows through the tank to the mouthpiece. These days, the majority of carts are adjustable. This means that you can have a nice tight or loose, airy draw. In short, adjustable airflow cartridges allow you to set the intake for your personal preference.

Among these cartridges, you should know about V9 cartridges. They work with a push-button battery. Plus, they are best with variable voltage batteries.

Usually, you can adjust the inner ring so that the smallest holes open or close. As a result, it can become hard to pull through. Different cartridges have various airflow settings. So, contact the supplier that sells empty vape cartridges wholesale for more details.

Glass cartridges or Plastic cartridges

A glass cart is made of glass with a ceramic or plastic mouthpiece. In most models, the mouthpiece screws onto the top of the cartridge. If the customer has a glass mouthpiece or another type of mouthpiece that does not screw on the tank, then the empty vape cartridges wholesale are probably a custom model.

On the top of the airway and around the edges of the mouthpiece, you should find a piece of silicone. Without those silicone pieces, the glass cartridge could not seal properly.

The cartridge material does not influence the draw on the vaporizer. But it could have an impact on stored carts.

Most customers prefer glass carts because they know that plastic can absorb and release contaminants over time. So, some customers may prefer glass over plastic ones to avoid old pre-filled cartridges. Of course, plastic units tend to be cheaper, so you should select vape cartridges wholesale after deciding your selling or marketing strategy.

Ceramic Coil cartridges or Wick cartridges

The difference between a CCell and a wick cartridge does not depend on the battery. In fact, they both work with a 510 thread battery. But the two models differ in the heating element or heating system.

The Ccell cart has a ceramic heating element. Instead, the wick cart has a cotton or similar material in contact with the atomizer.

For vaping cannabis extracts, Ccell carts are better. But the wick carts have their advantages. For example, they are better for vaping at a lower voltage or power setting. The cons include:

  • Wicking materials cannot handle high voltage from the battery.
  • The wicking material can burn and, as some people fear, release toxic aldehydes.
  • The juice can turn dark or black because the high voltage stresses the heating element out too much.

You can run Ccell cartridges at a higher setting, and it will give you a better kick than a wick cart. Although the maximum voltage is not recommendable for either type.

Refillable vape cartridges and disposable vape cartridges

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. Of course, before you buy bulk vape cartridges, you should consider your target audience.

Refillable carts are better for selling more oils. Perhaps, you create your THC and CBD oils and grow numerous strains. Instead, you should pick disposable empty vape cartridges wholesale if you plan to sell disposable pens on the go. They work great for exhibitions and events. Or for selling disposables to busy customers.

Make sure you choose a disposable 510 thread cartridge for a 510 thread disposable vaping pen. But aside from that, you should be fine.

Choose the right intake holes size for your oil

The intake hole size matters because if you do not use a thick oil, your vape may spit back on occasion. On the other hand, a high-viscosity oil could not get in contact with the atomizer. So, you would not be able to enjoy a smooth hit.

Over saturation occurs when the vaper does not activate the coil continually. But a similar problem can happen when the intake holes are too big. Especially if you use a wick cart.

For example, with at least four 2.0mm intake holes, you can enjoy any thick oil or distillate. They will deliver silky smooth hits that taste and feel like a dab. Then again, when you buy vape cartridges wholesale, you can ask the wholesaler and customize the intake holes.

Lead-free cartridges or just cartridges?

Sometimes, full ceramic and all-glass carts are named lead-free cartridges. From a consumer perspective, lead-free cartridges may come with a certification. Some vape brands use an FC1, FC2, or FC3 atomizer. As you browse empty vape cartridges wholesale, you will find many specs and designs.

Vaping is about heating the oil and inhaling the vapor. But contaminants can turn a perfectly safe cart into a dangerous one. As well as the quality of the oil itself.

Lead-free cartridges come with recommendations. Sometimes, plastic cartridges may be advertised as heavy metals-free. Anyhow, make sure the final user uses a low voltage of around 3.2 volts or less when using plastic units. As long as the carts display clear instructions, you should have no trouble choosing between one or the other.

The quality and price

When you buy empty vape cartridges wholesale, quality becomes of the uttermost importance. High-quality plastic units have a double collar at the base of the cart. Ccell carts allow for better potency in comparison with other types. Then again, the individual price point is a motivating factor in deciding which vaping cartridge to choose.

Customers are creatures of habit. Once they find a cartridge that is good in terms of potency and price, they tend to stick with those products. But eventually, they will buy a new one to try them out. So, getting vape cartridges wholesale is a boon. Mainly because it lets you access the latest carts available and stock up on the best sellers.

Distillates and pods may appeal to a different type of consumer. So, buy bulk vape cartridges to save more and expand your customer base.

Work with a reputable vape cartridge wholesale supplier

A reputable vape cartridges wholesale supplier can offer you certified products. So, you can discuss size options for child-safety-friendly packaging. Of course, the main pros include better compatibility and portability of the vape carts as well.

Support is another crucial factor to consider. In case of any problem, you should be counting on a warranty and dedicated customer service. For retailers, fast-responding customer care support can mean fewer legal issues and hassles.

Buying empty vape cartridges wholesale is easy. But this does not mean that every wholesaler is the same. In fact, you should only buy bulk vape cartridges from suppliers that can provide lab testing results that comply with the FDA regulation of cannabis-derived products.

Customization service is also an identifying trait of an experienced wholesaler. Plus, it can lead to several improvements, including:

  • Custom design. For example, a top part with the center rod stuck in it. So, the rod comes out, and filling the cart tank becomes easier.
  • Tank capacity. Especially if you deal with oils that are on the thicker side.
  • Colored lines on the side of the cartridge to tell the customer how much to fill them up.
  • Unique mouthpieces in different materials.
  • Better aesthetics to make the cart more pleasing to the eye for your customers.
  • Size of intake holes. As noted, you can increase the size of the intake holes for vaping thicker oils and resins. Plus, you help your customers use all the oil in the cartridges without any residual oil left over.

Filling and capping are vital as these processes will preserve oil integrity. When you buy empty vape cartridges wholesale, you judge the speed, cleanliness, and efficiency of assembly. A reputable wholesaler will listen to your feedback and improve the product. Or it may suggest a different model for your needs. For the best results, arrange for the payment and shipping of a small batch of samples before you buy bulk vape cartridges.


To choose the correct empty vape cartridges wholesale, you need to clarify their use first. If you are a retailer, you might want a wide selection of various types. But if you are a THC or CBD oil manufacturer, you might want to only focus on some specific types and models that suit your marketing strategy.

Refer to the several features explained in this guide to select the right product every time. Then, contact the supplier to request samples. Lastly, buy bulk vape cartridges in large quantities to save and get a better discount. If you keep in contact with the supplier buying vape cartridges wholesale will always be a pleasant experience.

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