Tips for Using Top Airflow Cartridges Correctly

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Buying a top airflow cartridge lot can be the most crucial decision for your brand. Especially if your CBD or cannabis strain is high-quality. The average consumer will choose a top airflow 510 cartridge because it does not leak. But more importantly, because it lasts longer for the average vaper.

Here are five tips that will help you understand why these carts are so vital for your business. Plus, I explain everything, from how to tell if a cartridge is an airflow one to what hardware you need. As you will soon read, you need a suitable battery for top airflow cartridges. Otherwise, you will not be able to reap the benefits from your investment.

How to tell if a cartridge is a top airflow

At a glance, a top airflow cartridge displays the air intake holes near the mouthpiece. That is how you can tell if a cartridge is a top airflow. But different manufacturers place the air intake holes in varying ways. So, a more precise definition would be the following. A top airflow 510 cartridge has air holes above the tank. Plus a heating element that only works with a 510 battery.

Unlike other cartridge types, no hole appears near the bottom. No matter the consistency of your CBD oil, top airflow cartridges will not leak because the air enters from the holes at the top, goes down, and then exits from the main tube in the center.

A top airflow 510 cartridge looks like any other type. After all, it has an airway, fluid reservoir, wick, and a heating element. But the way that it operates sets it apart from all the rest. As a result, vapers can use top airflow carts to blow big clouds. Especially if they choose an adjustable airflow model.

The models of top airflow cartridges on the market

The top airflow 510 cartridge comes either with adjustable or non-adjustable airflow. For example, the Amigo V9 cartridge is an adjustable top airflow cartridge. Instead, a V10 is a non-adjustable model.

As the name implies, an adjustable airflow cart lets you decide how open the airway is. How much depends on your personal preference because the taste changes as you open or close the airflow. When the airway is fully open, you need to draw hard. Vice versa, when it is only halfway close, you can easily find a balance that suits your needs.

For most vapers, an adjustable airflow is what sets a brand apart from everybody else. Others prefer choosing between presets for quick adjustments. In any case, the two main reasons for selecting adjustable models are the taste and the clouds.

Why choose one or the other?

You can barely hit an adjustable airflow cartridge and get massive clouds. So, it is not surprising that the adjustable model is among the cloud chasers’ favorites. On the other side, non-adjustable airflow carts are usually cheaper both for the retailers and the vapers.

Most brands start by selling non-adjustable top airflow cartridges because they put fewer oils on the market. Generally, they contact their suppliers so that they can request non-adjustable carts that fit their products.

For your convenience, here are the main differences between the two models. The adjustable top airflow cartridge ensures:

  • a customizable vaping experience for both CBD and THC consumers
  • better flavor by lowering the airflow
  • smooth hits by increasing the airflow

The non-adjustable top airflow cartridge delivers:

  • a simple setup for ease of use, which is ideal for selling starter kits
  • a fixed vapor density to suit your oil
  • gratifying hits at a bargain price

How to use a top airflow cartridge

Before you can use a top airflow cartridge, you need to unscrew the mouthpiece. Filling from the top is easy because the tank remains empty when you remove the top part. Simply squeeze the syringe with the oil to the fill mark.

After that, you can fasten the cart on the battery for top airflow cartridges. If you have an adjustable airflow model in your hands, now you can adjust the airflow. Finally, you use the push-button 510 battery to vaporize the CBD or THC oil.

Getting the correct flavor-cloud ratio may require trial and error. But repeated iterations of vaping will quickly help you find the perfect balance. In any case, expect different tasting outcomes when trying out varying oils. Even though you may use the same top airflow cartridge model, each oil requires further adjustment because of viscosity.

Common beginners’ mistakes

Here are a few tips for beginners that may have never used a top airflow 510 cartridges:

  • Buying empty airflow cartridges that you cannot use. In fact, you need a specific battery for top airflow cartridges. That is, a push-button battery. Connecting a top airflow design cart with a breath-activated battery is not possible. So, when selling a top airflow cartridge, make sure the customer has the right equipment.
  • Not using a case for all the vaping accessories. Without it, the accidental press of the push-button battery can happen. Of course, most people want to reach for their vaping pen and draw. But a more educated customer will find a vape case to be the safest way to carry the vape pen around.
  • Relying on one starter kit. For example, variable voltage batteries may change your vaping experience for the better. So, try a different combination of oils, cartridge types, and 510 batteries.

The battery for top airflow cartridges

Top airflow cartridges require a push-button 510 battery. Once you push the activation sequence, the battery will heat the oil and create vapor.

An auto-draw battery does not work with top airflow cartridges because of the higher position of the inlet holes. In a bottom airflow cart, the holes are in the threads at the bottom of the device.

The atomizer may not be compatible with some batteries because of the different connection designs. For example, most top airflow carts will not work with a Ccell battery because of the different ways of airflow.

On top of all this, the ideal battery for top airflow cartridges has a pin or wheel to select the adequate voltage setting. Variable voltage batteries vary between 3 and 4 volts. And this is the appropriate range for most 510 cartridges. But if a vaper puts the top airflow cart into a box mod, other settings become available. For example, a Watt setting. In this case, a 5 Watts or lower setting is recommendable.

How to handle the choice overload problem

On the market, several types of devices exist. Not every one of them may be compatible with top airflow 510 carts, even though you could be able to tighten the cart up. Most likely, the vaporizer will not work. But it could also burn the oil out.

The quality of the battery is also another critical factor. In fact, the battery voltage drops as it draws current through the resistor that makes the heating element. Depending on battery quality, the voltage will fall at different points in time with every use. This is why, as a brand, choosing a trusted supplier for both the top airflow cartridges and the 510 batteries is the best solution.

Top airflow cartridge VS Ccell cartridges

Most Ccell cartridges are bottom airflow. In other words, when you draw air through the cartridge, the air comes in through the bottom. The number of inlet holes may vary from model to model. But any existing cartridge shares a hollow tube in the center.

Some Ccell cartridges can function with a button-actuated battery. Others work with an inhale-activated (auto-draw) vape pen as well. But in any case, the air flows from the bottom to the top through the atomizer.

Ccell cartridges were invented to vaporize thick oils. Instead, a top airflow cartridge has a different design. A design that allows you to use any CBD oil, especially a thin oil with little viscosity.

A top airflow 510 cartridge does not require as much cleaning as a Ccell one. Mainly because top airflows do not clog as frequently as Ccell, if ever. You have to inject the oil in the wrong way to clog a top airflow cart.

To give an analogy, a top airflow cart has a well in the bottom that collects the excess oil. So, in the end, no leak is possible. But in the cannabis industry, most brands choose Ccell carts because you can put them on auto-draw vape pens.

Inhale activation is a faster way for consumers to use their products. As you do not need to push a button, the accidental press of the switch cannot happen. So, clumsy customers can fit their pen in any pocket without any risk of wearing the battery and the oil out.

Notably, a top airflow 510 cartridge is the best choice if:

  • you want to experiment with different oils
  • as a brand, you want to give your customers a better vaping experience
  • you sell concentrates, and preventing darkening and changes in flavors is your top priority.

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