Top 5 Best 510 Thread Batteries for Oil Cartridges

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best 510 thread batteries

The 510 thread vape pen is the most popular style of vape battery and is the most common type of battery for vape pens or vape pen cartridges. Here at EGreensVape as a professional vape battery manufacturer helps our clients to pick the right 510 thread pens and cartridges. We will explore the best 510 thread batteries for oil cartridges in this post. It will go over some of the factors to consider when buying a 510 thread vape pen battery and how to select the best 510 cart batteries.

Let’s dive into the Top 5 EGreensVape 510 Stick Vape Pens:

#1 350mAh Ccell M3b Variable Voltage 510 Battery

ccell m3b battery

Ccell M3b is the most popular 510-threaded stick battery, it is a Pro version of the M3 auto draw vape pen battery. It is a 10.6mm diameter slim vape pen battery, compatible well with all Ccell cartridges.

The Ccell M3b features 3 voltage settings: 2.7V, 3.1V and 3.6V. It also has preheating function and overcharges protection.

The Ccell M3b comes in stainless steel house and a Grade-A 350mAh battery cell inside. With a micro-USB charging port on the bottom, it is a good vape pen battery on the go.


  • Variable Voltage: 2.7V-3.1V-3.6V
  • Preheating function
  • Micro-USB charging Port
  • Perfect compatible with Ccell Cartridges


  • The 10.6mm diameter limits it only perfect for ccell oil cartridges.

#2 Max Pro Dab Pen Battery

max pro 510 thread battery

Max Pro is an advanced 510 oil vape pen battery. It is compatible with most 510 thread oil carts and features a compact and powerful 380mAh internal battery, which offers a long battery life. It also provides three heat settings from 2.7V to 3.6V and preheating function for vaporizing Delta 8 and CBD oil carts.

This button activated 510 battery works as good as it looks. If you are looking for a high-end 510 battery, the Max Pro is one of the choices. We offer multiple custom options for Max Pro battery.


  • 380mAh Capacity
  • 3 temperature settings: 2.7V(White) 3.1V(Blue) 3.6V(Red)
  • Overcharge protection
  • Button activated
  • High-end looks
  • Rechargeable vape pen battery


  • There are no bigger battery capacity options.

#3 350mAh CBD Twist Vape Pen

cbd twist battery

This 350mAh stick 510 thread battery has a varied range of adjustable voltage between 2.0V-4.0V with a solid body and twisted bottom. The CBD Twist 510 threaded battery also comes with a pre-heating function to get your carts ready before you use them. The adjustable voltage from 2.0V-4.0V makes it perfect for those who are looking for a low voltage battery for cartridges. You can dial the bottom to have the voltage you want, each grid is 0.1V.


  • Wide range of temperatures 2.0V-4.0V
  • Dial the bottom to change the voltage settings
  • You can have low voltage for your cartridges


  • This vape pen battery does not come with a micro-USB charging port, you have to use the 510 thread charger, which is not as convenient as the Micro-USB.

#4 Classic L0 510 Thread Pen

l0 510 cartridge battery

L0 510 thread battery is a classic vape pen in the vaping market. It was designed for the ecigs at the beginning, and now most people choose it for oil cartridges. The L0 cartridge battery pen is a convenient and stylish button power vape pen. It has a quality 320mAh built-in battery capacity and 78mm slim body. As for a classic 510 thread vape pen, the L0 does not come with a USB charger, it only can be charged by 510 threaded chargers. The L0 vape pen features 3 heat settings and an advanced pre-heat function for your thick THC oil cartridges. Another important is that the L0 510 thread battery is one of our cheap 510 batteries.


  • Variable voltage settings: 2.6V-3.4V-3.6V
  • Pre-heat function
  • Button-activated
  • Cheap price


  • Only compatible with 510 threaded chargers

#5 Buttonless Auto-Draw Ccell M3 Battery

ccell m3 battery

Auto draw activated or called inhale-activated is a classic function for early vape pens. It is preserved due to its convenience and ease of use. The Ccell M3 510 vape battery is designed with this awesome feature. Ccell M3 510 thread vape pen comes with a 350mAh battery, which makes it has a longer battery life than other auto-draw vape batteries. The M3 battery features a universal 510 thread and a Led light on the bottom. This 510 thread battery is a better choice if you are looking for a cheap 510 vape pen battery.


  • Universal 510 thread
  • Led light indicator
  • Auto-draw activated
  • Cheap price 510 thread battery


  • Non-adjustable voltage
  • No Micro-USB charger
  • No pre-heat function, not good for thick oil vape cartridges

The above-listed five stick 510 thread batteries are the best 510 batteries at EGreensVape. There are also some awesome 510 thread batteries on the market like Ccell Palm box battery, Snap VV battery. We know how difficult it can be to decide on the right battery for your 510 thread vape pens. In this guide, we share with you the top 5 vital items you need to consider when choosing the perfect battery for your vape pen. With these comparisons, we hope you can find the perfect 510 battery without any trouble! Please get in touch with us anytime with any further questions. We are always excited to provide helpful information on cannabis vaporizers.

What is 510 thread & What is a 510 thread battery?

“510 thread” is the connection part between the vape cartridge and the battery device. It makes you easily screw the cartridge on the battery. The 510 means 10 threads at 5mm deep. It can be used widely by the manufacturer of batteries as well as cartridges. The standard connection type allows cross compatibility of batteries and accessories and is easily available.

A 510 thread battery is a device for heating oil vape cartridges. Nowadays, 510 thread batteries are mostly used for powering cannabis oil vape cartridges including delta 8 cartridges, CBD cartridges, or THC oil cartridges.

510 thread

Types of 510 thread battery

510 threads are so common that they have become the go-to standard for vape batteries. There are many different kinds of vaporizer batteries out there with different shapes, sizes, and voltages. Let’s take a look at the different types of 510 thread battery.

  • Classic Pen Style – The original 510 thread batteries are pen shape design, stick and lightweight and mostly the same diameter as the average oil cartridges. Most of them start with inhale activated and Led light. Nowadays, most 510 thread batteries feature button operation, variable voltage settings and pre-heat function to meet the most thick oil cartridges. Also, the advanced feature is most 510 batteries come with a Micro-USB charge port, but some of them still keep the charge function through 510 thread chargers.
  • eGo Batteries eGo style batteries were designed for the early e-cigarettes. They generally come in dual threads, eGo thread and 510 thread to be compatible with both types of vaporizers. Normally, the eGo thread is around the battery top and 510 thread is inside of the battery top. The early eGo batteries come with buttons and big capacity battery life, the most popular eGo batteries’ capacity starts from 650mAh to 2200mAh. eGo battery is not common on the current market now due to the fatter body (normally 14mm diameter) when compared to the classic pen style 510 batteries.
510 thread vs ego thread
510 thread vs ego thread
  • 510 Box Mod Style – This is a new style of 510 thread batteries on the market. The box mods usually are used for e-cigarette tanks in the early, they mostly come with a big capacity like a 18650 battery inside to offer a powerful hit. Some box mod batteries have an advanced chip inside to control the output wattage/temperature. Most box mods have the 510 thread, and some of them provide a magnetic adaptor. When it came to the marijuana market, mod batteries began to popular. Because the previous price was too high, manufacturers made some modifications to the mod battery to make it more suitable for marijuana vaping, such as removing the built-in advanced chip and using the built-in battery, changing it to a smaller size, etc. But most of them keep the 510 thread. For instance, Ccell Silo, Ccell Palm, etc.
  • KeyChain Style – This newer style of 510 batteries brings a new discretion when you vape cannabis oil. The big feature of this 510 vape battery is that it can hide your oil cartridge inside when you not vape. Some of them have a spring to pop up the oil cartridge when you press the button.
  • E-Pipe Style – It is an “old” style of 510 batteries. Most of these devices are designed like a pipe, screw your CBD/THC cartridges on the bottom of the pipe, then press the button to vape. This style of batteries can be used for wax cartridges or dab pens.

Factors to consider when buying a 510 vape pen

Buying a 510 vape pen is not a difficult thing now, but there are some factors you should consider before you purchase the best 510 vape battery.

  • Battery life – Battery life is an important factor you need to consider. A powerful battery life device will bring you a good and perfect vaping experience. There are some common battery capacities on the market: 320mAh, 350mAh, 380mAh, 500mAh and 650mAh. If you want it for a 0.5 gram cartridge, then you can choose any of them. If you have a 1g cartridge or 2g cartridge, we think you might choose a bigger one.
  • Battery style – 510 vape cartridges are the most popular on the market, when you choose a vape pen, you can just pick a 510 thread battery. A classic style 510 pen is convenient and easy to use, while a box mod style battery looks fantastic.
  • Activation Way A buttonless 510 vape battery offers inhale-activated which is easy to use and perfect for beginners. While a button-activated battery with adjustable voltage looks experts alike.
  • Battery Size – The battery size will affect the portability, so keep it in mind if you like a portable and tiny size vape battery.
  • Price – Price is another important factor you should consider. A classic 510 vape battery usually costs starting $9.99 but the oil mod style mostly costs above $20. EGreensVape offers factory prices on all 510 batteries if you want to buy bulk 510 vape.
  • Warranty – Warranty is always important, a defective product is not terrible, the terrible is no warranty. You should know your warranty before you buy a vape pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use any 510 battery with any cartridge?

Any cartridge containing standard 510 threads fits any standard 510 threaded battery. Most batteries have interchangeable parts. The biggest difference with a vapour battery is its power or activation mode.

Are 510 battery chargers universal?

Most 510 battery chargers are universal. When you use 510 threaded chargers, you should pay attention to the specification to check if the output is DC-5V. Additionally, when you use a 510 thread charger for a battery with a micro-USB charging port, make sure it has the charging function through a 510 charger.

How often should you replace your 510 battery?

Replace batteries when you notice signs of damage. The most frequently occur during the first six to twelve months of use.

What is a 510 compatible battery?

A 510-threaded vape pen is the body of a vape pen with a standard screw connection, which is compatible with the most diverse oil cartridges and waxes.

Get the right 510 thread battery today!

Finding the best 510 vape cartridge battery will bring you a totally fantastic vaping experience. In this guide, EGreensVape has taken out all the points when you find the best 510 thread battery for oil cartridges.

If you are looking for 510 thread battery wholesale, you can check our 510 vape pens. We are committed to providing high quality, competitive prices and guaranteed products.

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