A Beginner’s Guide to Refilling Ccell Cartridges

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how to fill ccell cartridge

Ccell cartridges are the cutting edge of the vaping world — they are tremendously reliable and offer a smooth, enriching vaping experience. But what do you do when they run out of vape oil?

Easy. You refill them. But for many users, this process may not be as easy as it may sound; it comes with a few challenges that can overwhelm some users. For others, refilling may lead to some common problems — totally avoidable — that can hamper their experience.

So, we have created this beginner’s guide on refilling Ccell cartridges. Read on to learn all about refilling Ccell cartridges in a simple, straightforward manner while also learning about some tips and tricks along the way.

Understanding Ccell Cartridges

Ccell cartridges earn their name from the ceramic coil technology they use, which is used to store and vaporize e-liquid or vape oil. Thanks to the ceramic construction of the coil, the vapor produced by Ccell cartridges is a lot smoother and more consistent.

Apart from that, Ccell cartridges offer various other benefits, such as the following:

  • The flavor tends to be a lot smoother since ceramic, unlike metal, does not interact with the oils at all
  • Ceramic coils are also more resilient to temperature changes, making them last a lot longer compared to metal or regular coils
  • Ccell cartridges contain porous coils that act as excellent wicking compounds, preventing dry hits and spit backs
  • The cartridge also burns the oil more efficiently, leading to bigger clouds

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Ccell Cartridge

Despite having a long life, your Ccell cartridge is bound to run out someday. Depending on your usage, that can be after a week or a month, but when it does run out of vape oil, you need to refill it.

This is where the first step comes in — choosing the right vape oil for your Ccell cartridge.

Of course, when choosing vape oil, you will focus on two important aspects: quality and composition. You will either choose CBD oil, which will not get you high for medicinal reasons, or THC oil which will get you high as a kite.

In any case, you will ensure your cannabis vape oil is of the highest quality. But even the highest quality of the oil is useless if you overlook another important factor: compatibility.

Your cannabis vape oil must be compatible with your Ccell cartridge. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions carefully since Ccell cartridges are designed for specific types of oils in terms of their viscosity.

Once you have picked the right oil for your Ccell cartridge, we can move on to the next step, which is refilling the cartridge.

Refilling the Ccell Cartridge

Ccell cartridges are easily refillable, and doing so can save you money while protecting the environment. However, you must follow the correct steps when refilling your Ccell cartridge with cannabis oils, so you don’t end up harming your vaping experience.

Gather the Supplies

To refill your Ccell cartridge properly, you need to gather the following tools and equipment:

  • A dropper or syringe to transfer the oil into the cartridge
  • A cotton q-tip to clean the cartridge

Step-by-Step Guide on Refilling Ccell Cartridge

Here are the steps you should follow to refill your Ccell cartridge:

  1. Remove the Mouthpiece

The first step is to remove the cartridge from your device and remove the mouthpiece from the cart. For this, you need to twist the mouthpiece off to open the cartridge. Remember, right-tighty, lefty-loosey!

  1. Refill the Cartridge with Fresh Oil

Then, you can fill the cartridge with new oil using a syringe or a dropper. Insert the syringe tip between the center airflow hole and the outer wall and let the oil flow into the cartridge.

Just make sure you do not overfill the cartridge, as it can cause leakages and blockages. Instead, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the quality of oil you should put in.

  1. Put the Mouthpiece Back on the Cartridge

Next, assemble the cartridge by installing the mouthpiece back on the cartridge. Ensure that you put the mouthpiece and the base properly, making a snug fit, to prevent leaks and other issues.

  1. Prime the Ccell Cartridge

Finally, you need to prime the cartridge. For this, connect the cartridge to the battery and take a few gentle puffs without activating the heating element. This will spread out the oil evenly, preventing dry hits and improving the flavor.

More Tips on Refilling Your Ccell Cartridge

  • To make the process even easier and better for you, you can try out various tips and tricks, such as the following:
  • When purchasing cannabis oil for your Ccell cartridge, choose oils that are free of contaminants and additives
  • Do not overfill the cartridges, as it may cause blockages and leaks
  • At the same time, do not underfill your cartridge — this can lead to a burnt taste and dry hits
  • Clean your Ccell cartridge regularly using a cotton q-tip
  • Store the cartridge in a cool, dry place when not in use and place it upright

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Ccell Cartridges

When refilling your Ccell cartridge, you may come across some common problems. Often, these problems are simple issues that arise from human error or lack of experience, but other times, the problems can be a little troublesome.

In any case, these problems are easy to fix and easier to avoid. Here are some common problems you may face while refilling your Ccell cartridges and how to solve them.

Clogged Cartridge

One of the most common problems new vapers encounter when refilling their Ccell cartridges is clogging, which can happen due to a few reasons. The most common reason is if the oil thickens, blocking the airflow, but it can also occur if you overfill the cartridge or use the wrong type of vape oil.

To solve this issue, use a thin needle to poke through the air holes and clear out any blockages that may be caused due to oil. You can also use a hair dryer to heat the oil, which will make it easier to clean.

Plus, always make sure you use the right type of oil in terms of its viscosity. Experimenting here is not worth it — how the oil is vaporized depends on how compatible it is with your Ccell cartridge.

Do note that clogs may also be caused due to debris or condensation within the cartridge, which is not related to the vape oil at all.


Another common problem you may face is the leakage of cannabis oil from the cartridge. This is often caused due to overfilling the cartridge or not assembling the mouthpiece properly.

To avoid this problem, only fill your cartridge as recommended by the manufacturer and shut the mouthpiece properly. Do not under or over tighten it. Additionally, clean the cartridge properly when you disassemble it to prevent any debris from creating a gap between the cartridge and the mouthpiece.

Burnt Taste

If you experience a burnt taste after refilling your Ccell cartridge, it may be due to the cartridge not being primed properly. To prime your Ccell cartridge properly, follow these steps:

  • Cover the airflow holes at the bottom
  • Take a few gentle yet quick pulls without pressing the power button
  • Then, take a longer, slower puff
  • Let the cartridge sit for a few minutes

This will properly prime the cartridge. However, if you still get a burnt taste, it may be due to too much heat/voltage, so check those too.

Avoid Common Problems with EGreensVape

The problems discussed above are common but they can be avoided. However, there is one problem that cannot be avoided if you choose the wrong Ccell cartridge — reliability problems.

Some poor-quality Ccell cartridges suffer from reliability issues, which makes them last a lot shorter than you would expect. At the same time, they are made with materials that do not offer the best life. Such Ccell cartridges may be high-tech, but they tend to produce low-quality vapor.

What makes these cartridges worse is that after one refill, their reliability goes for a toss. It’s as if the entire thing was held by duct tape and zip ties.

To avoid this problem, you need to choose high-quality Ccell cartridges, like EGreensVape. EGreensVape is a leading Ccell cartridge manufacturer in China, and our ceramic coil technology is a benchmark for other brands in the market. Our hardware offers you an excellent experience that is consistent, smooth, and reliable.

Some of our best Ccell cartridges include M4, FC1 Full Ceramic, and Wood Tip Ccell cartridges. These products ensure a big cloud of sweet flavor since the coils are made of porous ceramic, and the design is sturdy and leak-free.

What’s more, you can even customize our Ccell cartridges for your brands!

Summary: A Beginner’s Guide to Refilling Ccell Cartridges

Ccell cartridges are excellent investments that can last a long time if you refill them properly. But when doing so, make sure you follow the right steps, and you will enjoy a flavorful vaping experience.

But remember, even the best methods and vape juices are pointless if you have a low-quality Ccell cartridge. They are not designed to last long. So, it is crucial that you use not only the right methods and vape oil but also high-quality Ccell cartridges. To know more about cartridge maintenance, stay tuned to EGreensVape.

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