5 Top Benefits of Buying Wholesale Vape Products

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buying wholesale vape carts

Are you thinking of buying wholesale vape products? Are you looking to expand your cannabis offerings into vaporizer products? Or do you need something to offer for free at conventions, industry trade shows, or as grab-and-go items at your store?

First, let’s be clear, you don’t need to be in the vaping or cannabis industry to buy wholesale vape products. However, plenty of businesses could benefit from a personalized stock of vape pens, ccell cartridges, or vaporizer batteries. Here are some types of shops that benefit from these offerings.

  • Convenience Stores
  • Smoke Shops
  • Gas Stations
  • Beer and Wine Stores
  • Camping / Outdoors / Hunting Stores
  • Guns & Ammo Shops
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Grocery Stores
  • Gaming / Comic Shops
  • Etc.

Think About Your Brand

Why is the above list so broad? First, if you have constant customers that either cycle constantly or are returning customers, there is a good chance they would want a branded item. Further, if they are already vape or cannabis users, the option for an extra battery or cartridge branded with your logo is a great novelty to buy. So, let’s break this down into benefits for cannabis shops versus non-cannabis shops.

Vaping and Cannabis Shops

If you own or operate a physical or online dispensary, you most likely sell other brands’ products. Maybe you have a line of your bud or e-liquid. However, most are resellers. If you don’t want to get into the growing game but still want to offer your customers something physical from your shop, consider branded vape products.

Putting your logo on a vaporizer is the best way to remind your customers and anyone who sees the item you exist and offer more than regular dispensaries. Branded goods show customers that you are serious about your business. You’ve invested the time, money, and effort into quality offerings. To grow your brand, you need to expand your logo’s reach via wholesale, customized vape products.

Non-vape or Cannabis Shops

Just because you aren’t in the cannabis or vape business doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from wholesale vape products. Indeed, you’ve seen e-cigs at rest stops for sale. Indeed, you’ve witnessed ccell batteries for sale at any number of convenience shops. Why? These are cheap, reliable, and valuable products that all vape users need.

This logic provides the same reasoning for why so many shops sell smartphone charging cords. None of them are in the smartphone electronics industry, yet they still sell cables and wall chargers because they are smart. If you think your customer base uses vaping products, then there is a real chance that offering a line of vape pens, cartridges, and batteries will add to your bottom line.

White Label Service

If you operate a shop of any kind, you probably resell other brands’ goods. This means their logo is printed on all the items. Your customers don’t take home anything with your name on it. You must rely on their memory of your shop to get them to return. The point is branded items are profitable via the sale and beneficial as free advertising.

White label is an industry term that means your logo, image, or name gets printed on the product, not the manufacturer’s. You don’t have to have any manufacturing knowledge or ability. You don’t have to draw up designs or engineering schematics. Manufacturers of white label vape products already have pre-made versions of entire vape product lines.

You get to pick the product you want to sell. You decide what gets printed. You get the advertising benefit when your customers take them home. Further, it isn’t just a momentary advertising benefit. Batteries are reusable. Vape pens are portable. Your branding will be front and center at any location your customer pulls out the pen to take a hit.

The power in white label services is the relationship you develop with your customers and the public. With personalized branding, you can increase returning customers via increased brand loyalty.

Efficiency in Supply Chain

How many suppliers do you have right now? How many account managers do you have to deal with? If you are running a general shop, less is more when thinking about product suppliers. Luckily, most vape product manufacturers offer complete lines of items. This means you only need to consult one trusted partner to deliver everything you need to grow your business.

Having one supplier also benefits you in trying new product lines. Accessing multiple manufacturers tends to be too burdensome to be realistic or efficient. The burden of various suppliers kills new product lines. It’s too hard to test a market.

With a single wholesale supplier, you can work with your account manager to gain access to other potential products or lines without having to set up new accounts. Thinking of the benefit of making a single call and getting all your vaping product line needs met?

Cost Savings

The most important part of the equation is cost. If you are going to sell a product, you have three choices. First, you could make and sell the product yourself. Second, you could buy the product from a retail operation and make a profit based on a slight price increase. Third, you could buy from a wholesale operator and make a profit while having competitive pricing. Easy choice, right?

You may think that bulk purchases come with bulk money needs. However, that isn’t the point. Wholesale prices are made to be affordable. This means you can get your money back by selling a calculated fraction of the supply. You don’t need to sell 100% of the stock to get a valuable return.

Again, remember that you can order branded supplies. So, not only are you selling a discounted product, but you are also buying advertising. This advertising continues if your customer uses the product. Do you have any hats or jackets with a logo on them? Is that company paying you to advertise their brand? No, instead, you paid them so that you could promote them.

Branding is the ultimate method to truly capture a target audience.

Trusted Manufacturing Partner

When you buy from a retailer, you don’t get the opportunity to inquire about manufacturing policies, safety regulations, or industry certifications. Instead, you must rely on your research, any printed material on the box, and blind trust. If you are offering an unknown product to your customers, shouldn’t you have a little more knowledge about the manufacturing process?

Partnering with a wholesale supplier gives you the benefit of the inside scoop on the manufacturing process. You gain invaluable insight into what goes on behind the scenes and how manufacturers constantly upgrade, review, and oversee their production facilities.

If you want reassurance on quality, quantities, safety, and reliability, you need to use a wholesale supplier. No retail operations will be able to provide you with that information. Just think about trying to get manufacturing data from Amazon. That might be a lost cause.

Bottom Line

Going the wholesale supplier route isn’t for everyone. If you are a consumer you don’t need to buy a million ccell cartridges. If you don’t care about branding or selling items as cheap as possible, then getting supplies from established vape brands might be a better route.

However, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your business with the services of a wholesale supplier. If you are unsure of where to begin, use the following checklist as a starting place.

What is your business? Write down what you currently offer, sell, or service to the public. Framing up your current business is the start of any significant financial decision.

  • What would you like your business to be? Sure, you might not offer much now, but that doesn’t need to stay constant. Change is necessary. You just need to clearly articulate what you would like that change. Think of it as setting business goals. The clearer the goals are, the more evident the solutions will be.
  • How do you get from point A to point B? This is the critical step and deserves the most thought. It’s here that you may determine that wholesale custom vape products aren’t necessary for your expansion. Alternatively, it could be the moment you realize that bulk vape goods are essential and an exciting venture. Allow yourself the time to think through your actions.
  • Do wholesale vape products fit into your business needs? Once you’ve got an idea of where you are now, where you want to go, and how you want to get there, you should start to see how wholesale suppliers can help you expand.

Remember, at any time during the above process; you should reach out to a vape supplier to learn more about the different offerings, customizations, and costs associated with a particular cannabis vaping product line. They are there to help you get educated and informed, so you make better decisions for your business and provide better products for your customers.

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