Your Guide to Hash Oil Cartridges and How to Use Them

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hash oil cartridge

Hash oil is a magical cannabis concentrate whose single drop is enough to make you see oceans in the sky. And one of the best ways of consuming this oil is using vapes since it is easy, convenient, and safe. 

But when wanting to vape hash oil, you need to pick the right vape cartridge and learn how to use and refill it. That can be daunting for a beginner. But there’s no need to worry. We have got your back.

In this article, learn all about hash oil cartridges and how to use and refill them, along with a few other protips.

What is a Vape Oil Cartridge?

A vape oil cartridge is essentially a glass chamber that is filled with up to a gram of hash oil (or any other cannabis concentrate). This chamber works in conjunction with vape batteries to heat up the concentrate.

So, when you press the button or inhale, the atomizer within the cartridge, which is powered by the battery, heats up the oil, producing a lot of vapor. This vapor is then directed to your mouth via the mouthpiece. 

Hash oil vape cartridges come in various forms, but the most common one is 510-threaded cartridges, which are compatible with 510 vape batteries. Think of 510 cartridges as the industry standard because they can work across the board with any 510 vape battery.

On the other hand, hash oil cartridges can be classified into two groups – refillable and disposables. Let’s take a look at them below.

Refillable Hash Oil Cartridge

Refillable hash oil cartridge, as the name suggests, is refillable – when it runs out of oil, you can refill the oil easily using a syringe. Such cartridges give you a lot of freedom and control over how you vape because you can swap the oil whenever you want, dose it as per your preference, and vape the way you want to.

These cartridges work with rechargeable batteries, too, and have a button that you have to press when inhaling. 

But one might think refillable cartridges are expensive, but over time, these can save you a lot of money because you will have to buy only the oil, not the entire kit. Plus, these are not as harmful as disposable vapes for the environment.

Disposable Hash Oil Cartridges

If you are looking for a hassle-free way of consuming hash oil, disposable oil cartridges may be right up your alley. These vape pens are light and discreet and the easiest way to vape. 

The downside? They run out quickly and cannot be refilled. Plus, they are an environmental disaster because they are designed to be disposed of. You can’t refill them if the oil runs out.

These cartridges are perfect for you if you only consume hash oil occasionally and don’t want to spend a bomb on a refillable cartridge just yet. 

Vaping Hash Oil vs Smoking Hash Oil: Which is Better?

Hash oil is a simple enough concentrate that you can even add to a joint and smoke it. But there are a few reasons why hash oil connoisseurs prefer vaping it over smoking it. Here are the said reasons.

Ease of Use

Rolling a joint is fun but cumbersome – you have to be precise and even a little bit of sweat on your finger can ruin the joint. But with hash oil cartridges, you don’t have to worry about all that.

Just take out the cartridge, press the switch, and vape as much as you want until the oil runs out. Of course, you still have to refill and clean the cartridge but only once in a while, not every time you want to vape hash oil.


Additionally, vape cartridges are portable. You can carry them in your pocket without worrying about damaging them or breaking them. And many cartridges also come with a discreet design, so you can sneak them in places where you probably shouldn’t. 

Precise Dosing

For many hash oil users, dosing is a major concern – a dose too small and you won’t get high, and a dose too big and you are inviting a bad trip. In that case, what’s better than vaping?

Vape cartridges have a preset capacity of half a gram to one gram, and you can’t overfill it. This makes it easy to control the amount of hash oil you smoke in one go.

Safer Than Joints

Hash oil is completely safe, but if you want to roll a joint, you may have to use tobacco or cannabis buds. And smoking tobacco or cannabis buds aren’t really safe for your lungs, although the latter is not as harmful as tobacco.

With vaping, no need to worry about all that because you are not smoking tobacco or buds. You are only inhaling the vapor that comes off of the hash oil. So, hash oil cartridges are a lot safer than hash oil joints. 

How to Use Hash Oil Cartridges?

Hash oil cartridges are quite simple to use – even a beginner can do it in a few steps. All you need to do is attach the cartridge to the battery and start inhaling. But there’s more to this; follow these steps:

  1. Remove the hash oil cartridge from its packaging
  2. Get your vape battery and ensure it is completely charged 
  3. If your battery has a voltage option, use it to set the heat that you want to vape hash oil at 
  4. Some oil cartridges need the battery to be powered on with a few clicks and others are draw-operated
  5. Place the mouthpiece under your lips and start puffing

When inhaling, it is recommended that you keep the hash oil cartridge in a vertical position to prevent any oil leakage. And since hash oil is potent, we recommend starting with a smaller dose first and building your way up to a higher dose. 

Lastly, while using the hash oil cartridge, keep an eye on the temperature, too. If the cartridge gets too hot, it can degrade the hash oil and make it weird to inhale.

How to Refill a Hash Oil Cartridge?

How long does a hash oil cartridge last? That’s a common question but the answer isn’t as straightforward. How long a vape cartridge lasts entirely depends on how much you vape. 

Typically, a gram of hash oil can deliver anywhere from 200 to 400 puffs, but this depends on the quality of the oil and the size of your puffs. 

But whenever the vape cartridge runs out, you need to refill it – as long as it is refillable. Follow these steps to refill your vape cartridge with hash oil:

  1. Open the cartridge
  2. Fill the cartridge with hash oil using a syringe 
  3. Reassemble the cartridge and connect it to the battery

Most cartridges also come with a user manual, which lists specific directions for refilling it. If you have that, always refer to that. 

Protips for Vaping Hash Oil

Here are some protips on vaping hash oil with a vape cartridge:

  1. If your cartridge has an on/off switch, it can probably be turned on with five clicks; the same number of clicks will also turn it off
  2. When assembling the cartridge, ensure it is snugly shut and completely attached to the battery to avoid any hash oil from leaking
  3. Try to keep your vape cartridge upright to prevent any chances of the oil leaking
  4. Hash oil is potent, so always start with a low dose and slowly build your way up to a bigger dose once you know your tolerance to it
  5. Learn how to adjust the temperature of your cartridge and always monitor the same – you don’t want the cartridge to get too hot as it will degrade the hash oil
  6. When purchasing a hash oil cartridge, always pick the right vendor – your hash oil cartridge needs to be of high quality, not contain any harmful materials, must be certified by the right authorities, etc.

Summary: Your Guide to Hash Oil Cartridges and How to Use Them

If you are a lover of hash but have only dabbed it on joints so far, it is perhaps time to get yourself a hash oil cartridge. Yes, the initial investment may seem a little high, but it pays itself off in quickly. It’s a one-time purchase that can last you many months.

Vaping hash oil will take your cannabis experience to the next level – all this without the risk of damaging your lungs with tobacco or harsh smoke! So, what are you waiting for? Order your hash oil cartridge now. And if you want to sell hash oil cartridges, reach out to us now. We are a leading supplier of 510 vape cartridges and batteries and our products come with a 99.5% qualified rate with an eco-friendly and high-quality build. Contact us now.

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