10 Reasons Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking and How to Solve Them

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Vape Pen Blinking

The vape pen blinking is a warning sign for you to take a certain action. The possible causes for this can be:

  • Battery issues: dead or fully charged, overheated, dirty battery, etc.
  • Connection issues
  • Wrong components
  • Overused vape or low e-liquid juice
  • Burnt oil, and
  • Stuck activation button.

You must keep an eye out for the blinking light as it expresses various conditions of a vape pen. Finding the cause is crucial to solve it. By being careful of the light, you can prolong the lifespan of the vape.

Ignoring a blinking vape pen can lead to battery failure and permanent damage to the device, and there is also a risk of fire or explosion.

Why Is A Rechargeable Vape Pen Blinking?

The blinking light is a significant component of rechargeable vape pens. It can start blinking for any of the following reasons.

1. Battery Issues

The primary function of the blinking light is to let you know when the battery is dead, or it is time to recharge the vape. The blinking light for a low battery is mostly red, and it’s often 3-10 times blinking. However, it often varies depending on the model.

It requires you to connect the device to a power source for charging. The blinking will stop when the device is charging. You will notice the blinking again once the battery is fully charged. It’s a signal for you to unplug the charger; otherwise, the device may get overheated.

2. Connection Issues

The vape pen may blink due to improper installation. You may have connected the device to the charging port, but it won’t be charged. In this case, you need to check the USB port and cable to make sure everything is properly connected. 

If the problem persists, check the cartridge and battery are properly attached. The pen may blink to signal a weak connection or inability to fire.

3. Wrong Components

The blinking problem often appears after changing the battery or cartridge. This happens if you install the wrong components. Before changing the component, you must check the user manual for necessary information. If there is no information or you don’t have a manual, then purchase the same model battery and other components. 

4. Low E-Liquid Level

An overused vape or a low e-liquid level in the cartridge can trigger blinking in your vape pen. Many vape pens have a sensor to detect when the e-liquid level is low. The sensor activates the blinking light as a warning sign.

Changing the cartridge or tank is the solution to this problem. The coil may get burnt if you ignore the problem and don’t refill or change the cartridge.

5. Burnt Coil

As mentioned already, overusing a vape can cause burnt oil. This happens when the coil has been used for too long or has been exposed to high-power settings. The coil becomes encrusted with residue from e-liquid and causes it to burn or char.

Most vape pens have a sensor that detects when the coil is burnt and triggers a blinking light as a warning. Replace the coil with a new one to restore the optimal flavor and vapor production.

6. Stuck Activation Button

Most vape pens come with an activation button. You need to press the button to turn on the heating element before inhaling. If too much dirt or dust is accumulated near the button, it can get stuck. This often leads to blinking signals of the light.

Why Is A Brand New Vape In Blinking?

Sometimes, even a new vape pen can blink for internal issues. In case you are facing the problem, then it can be due to any of the following reasons:

1. Safety Mode

New vapes often come with an activated safety mode to prevent accidental activation during shipping or while on store shelves. The flashing light helps sellers understand that the safety mode is on. 

Once you activate a new pen, it may start blinking to signal the activation. However, it stops after some time. The first blink was to alert the user that the device had been activated.

2. Factory Malfunction

A major reason for new vapes not working is a pen malfunctioning during production. Any leak in the tank, misconnection, or damaged battery can cause the problem. Check all the components and potential reasons for this occurrence.

Buying your vape pens from a reputed source is recommended. They ensure hassle-free returns if a damaged product is delivered by mistake.

3. Empty Battery

New vapes are often not fully charged. Instead, you may receive a pen at a small charge. After a few puffs, it starts to blink. Try connecting it to the charger, and hopefully, your problem will be solved. ,

What Does the Blinking Color Mean?

Vape pen blinking light color can change in different conditions to signal a specific problem. The table below summarizes the meaning of the light color.

Blinking light color Meaning
Green Battery is more than 70% full.
Blue Indicates that the battery is half or fully charged, or it is completely empty. The lack of e-liquid in the device can also trigger the light.
Red Confirms that the battery is empty and requires immediate charging before using.
Purple An overly tight cartridge can also cause a blinking signal.

What does the blinks number mean in rechargeable vapes?

Depending on the design of your vape pens, the number of the blink can vary. Usually, there can be 3,4,5, 10, and 15 blinks. The table below can help:

  • 3 blinks: Usually, it indicates that the vape pen is turned on or off.
  • 4 blinks: The light may blink 4 times to indicate there is a problem between the tank and the battery.
  • 5 blinks: If you notice the light blinking five times, it means the battery is weak, and there can be problems in the activation of the device.
  • 10 blinks: A light often blinks 10 times, signaling electronic problems like low battery, dirty connections, or improper charging
  • 15 blinks:15 blinks on the vape pen means the voltage is lower than 3.3 volts.


Blinking of a vape pen is supposed to deliver messages. It can simply remind you to recharge your battery to electrical issues. Ignoring the signals is not wise, as it can lead to further damage to the vape. Pay focus and solve the issue of blinking to enjoy the best performance for vape pens.

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