OEM /ODM Service

Lets make your original cbd vape cartridge and vape pen.

We have a group of experienced R & D team and efficient production capacity so that we can complete the whole process from design to production. Therefore, it will help our OEM or ODM customers to improve competitiveness.

advantage of oem
how to do OEM

Advantage of our OEM/ODM

  1. Create original design vape product
  2. Proprietary team to support customers’ OEM/ODM product development
  3. Flexible with the customer’s design requirements
  4. Reasonable design, reduce the defective rate of finished products

How to do OEM/ODM

There is a general workflow for OEM/ODM service. Any question please feel free to contact us.

For example CBD Cartridge.


For more details about OEM/ODM service, please feel free to CONTACT US