How To Recharge A Disposable Vape: Safety and Precaution

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how to recharge a disposable pen

Charging disposable vape pens is often similar to mobile phones. You have a USB port attached to the device and a cable to connect it to a power source. You may need a USB charger to connect with the wire for that. 

Many disposable vape pens come with these charging ports these days. It helps extend the life of the pen and lets you get a few more puffs out of it. However, not all disposable vapes have charging ports.

You had better not attempt to charge a pen with no USB ports. It can potentially lead to electric shock, overheating, and burning. If you are an expert, then you can try several tools.

How to Recharge a Disposable Vape Safely

Rechargeable disposable vape pens come with a cable only, without a charger. Use your computer or mobile charger. Check the user manual for any recommendations while choosing the charger.

A light will flash or glow when you connect the pen with a power source. Depending on the model, the light color may vary. Once the vape is fully charged, you may notice any of the following things:

  • The color of the light may change.
  • The light may start flashing or pulsing from solid.
  • The light may go off completely, signaling that it should be plugged off.

How to Recharge A Disposable Vape without USB Ports

It is better not to attempt to charge a vape without built-in ports if you are not familiar with electronic stuff. First, gather the following tools for making the task easier. You will need a pair of red and black wires, wire strippers and cutters, pliers, alligator clips, a USB wall charger, etc. 

After assembling the necessary instruments, follow these steps.

  • Remove the bottom cap of the vape first. You can use a pair of pliers first with a gentle twist.
  • Check if the contents inside the vape come out. If not, then open the top cap as well and push through the opening to take out the battery.
  • The battery is supposed to contain a black and a red wire. Strip the regular wires you collected and strip them together.
  • Look for the positive and negative signs of the battery. The black wire should be attached to the negative terminal and the red wire to the positive terminal. Using alligator clips is safer and recommended.
  • Plug the charger in and let it charge for a few minutes. For safety purposes, don’t leave the battery there unattended.

Is It Safe to Recharge Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are as safe as charging a mobile phone if they come with USB ports. However, you cannot say the same for vapes with no charging ports since you are doing something that it was not designed for.

Disposable vapes are mostly supposed to be discarded when the battery dies. Trying to recharge them can result in various accidents, such as:

  • The battery may get overheated as they are not designed to prevent it.It can lead to the battery getting dangerously hot and potentially causing burns.
  • Tampering with the battery of a non-rechargeable vape can result in an electrical shock.
  • In the worst-case scenario, a lithium-ion battery from a disposable vape can explode if improperly charged.
  • There is a high possibility that the vape can get damaged because of prying it open and tampered with.

What to Do if Your Disposable Vape Isn’t Charging?

Usually, the device starts charging as soon as you connect it with a power source through the wire. Try the following steps if they are not working for you.

  • If you connected it to a wall charger, then try connecting it to a computer. These devices are often not suitable to be charged from high-speed wall chargers. 
  • Use a different cable and see if it works. Sometimes, the problem can be with the wire, too.
  • Clean the charging port of the vape. Use a soft cloth and rub the port gently to remove dirt and debris. Using a toothpick can be helpful to clean the inside mess.

When to Discard a Rechargeable Disposable Vape?

Since rechargeable disposable vapes can be recharged, users often don’t know when to get rid of them. Unlike regular disposable vapes, the blinking of the light only reminds you to recharge the device. Look for these signs instead to know it’s time to discard a vape:

  • The quality and quantity of vapor production of the device drops significantly.
  • A burnt flavor might be noticeable when it is almost out of the liquid. This happens as the coil heats the dry wick instead of the e-liquid.
  • In some cases, there will be no vapor at all. Charging the device will not help in such circumstances.


How to know if my disposable vape is rechargeable?

Rechargeable disposable vape comes with a USB port on it. Their presence is the simplest and most obvious sign of the battery being rechargeable. Vapes without these ports are better not to recharge.

How long does it take to recharge a disposable vape?

It usually takes half an hour to a few hours, depending on the design of your device. Read the user manual for proper instructions and information. Avoid over-charging, as it can lead to potential damage to the battery.

Can you recycle disposable vapes?

Yes! Disposable vapes contain recyclable parts like metal and plastic. Look for designated bins or recycling programs at vape shops or electronics stores. Don’t toss them with regular trash for safety purposes!


Recharging disposable vape pens is super easy if they are predesigned for it. It makes them longer-lasting and offers better service. Disposable vapes that are not designed for recharging can also be recharged. Follow the given instructions for that. However, be careful and take proper precautions while doing so.

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