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As an experienced vape cartridges manufacturer, we are committed to producing high quality wholesale vape cartridges. Finding quality cbd oil cartridges is not difficult at here. We will be your trusted supplier and partner. You will not only get the products but also our best services like OEM branding, after-sales service, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to do wholesale cbd vape pen cartridges. We will help you to save much money and time and grow up together. At here, you will find the best 510 cbd cartridges for you.

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full ceramic cartridge

Lead free full ceramic cartridge C6

This unique glass cartridge is full ceramic, from the inside and outside of ceramic core and center post to the mouthpiece. It can help those who worry about the cartridges contain heavy metal. This one is lead free and can pass the CA test because of the full ceramic design. What’s more, it is child-proof vape cartridge. It has press-on tops which means it is disposable once you snap the mouthpiece on.

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Key Features:

  • Full ceramic vaporizer
  • Child-proof design, press-on top
  • Ceramic coil
  • Two Arc-shape intake holes

TCELL C3 CBD Cartridge

TCELL is our new technology for vaporizer cartridge. We re-design the ceramic heating coil and make it quick heat, more microporous and effectively so that it will be huge clouds and pure taste. Unlike CCELL Cartridge or other cbd cartridges which with horizontal intake holes, TCELL is designed with vertical intake holes in arc-shape, which will be more efficient to vaporizer oils and fewer oil remains.

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Key Features:

  • TCELL Inside-quick heat, more microporous and effectively
  • Arc shape vertical intake holes-no oil remains
ccell plastic cartridge

CCELL M3 Plastic empty cbd cartridge

The M3 empty cartridge is a hot sell cartridge because this cartridge is one-time use after mouthpiece capped. As the disposable feature, it is becoming more popular and many customers use it such as dank vape cart, Moonrock cartridge, etc.

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Key Features:

  • Plastic Cartridge, not easy to broken
  • Disposable design, non-refillable
  • Ccell style, compatible with ccell vape pen
ccell plastic cartridge

Pluto C5 Ceramic Vape Cartridge

This glass cbd cartridge brings us a new experience. Some cbd cartridges are leakage or absorbing oil too quick so the carts don’t look full. We bring a lock on this glass cartridge so that it will prevent oil leakage. By twisting the bottom O-ring, the intake holes can be closed or open. When the oil holes are closed, the oil can not be absorbed by the ceramic heating element. This cartridge is a better choice for those thin oils.


Key Features:

  • Oil-locked function, few risks of leakage
  • Ccell compatible cartridge, fits for ccell m3 vape pen

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