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Portable Dry herb Soc Vaporizer kit

ModelSoc Vaporizer Kit
FunctionDry herb, 4 temp setting
FeatureLed Light Indicator

Portable Dry Herb SOC Vaporizer Kit

SOC Vaporizer kit is powered by a 2600mAh built-in battery that is a great power. As the same as the 510 battery, click 5 times to lock and unlock the kit, which is simple and easy to operate. The SOC vaporizer device features intelligent temperature calibration, which provides a more consistent experience during repeated use.

Features of SOC Vaporizer:

5 clicks to lock/unlock
3 quick clicks to select heat settings
Blue light (Small): 450°, Green light (Medium): 500°
Red (Large): 550°, White (XL): 600°
1 click to check battery life
3 red flashes: indicates low battery
5 light flashes: indicates a short circuit
Red light holds: device overheated
Approximately 2.5 hours for full battery charges

Packaging Included:


2*Ceramic nails

2* Alcohol pads

3* Q-tips

1*Loading Tool

1*USB cable

1* Silicone Jar

1*glass cab cap

1*Gift box

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