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anti-leakage cbd atomizer (2)
anti-leakage cbd atomizer
cbd oil cartridge 510 glass (1)
cbd oil cartridge 510 glass (2)
cbd oil cartridge 510 glass (3)
cbd oil cartridge 510 glass (4)

Anti-leakage CBD Atomizer C5 Glass Cartridge

ModelC5 Oil-locked Glass Cartridge
Capacity0.5ml/1.0ml options
Coil StyleCeramic Coil Cartridge
Intake Holes4*1.2mm
Coil Resistance1.5 ohm

The Anti-leakage CBD Cartridge C5 is a new design. It has a function with oil-locked which can help you to solve leakage issue. With a twisted o-ring, you can close the intake holes before filling, even without mouthpiece, it can be held on couples of hours with no leakage. And also, we design it with CCELL compatible, so that you can use the ccell vape pen battery. However, we suggest you can use a powerful 510 button battery like our 380mah Max battery or MIX battery.

Advantages and Features of C5 glass cartridge:

  • Anti-leakage cartridge with oil-locked function
  • Ceramic heating coil
  • 4*1.2mm intake holes
  • Matched with 510 vape batteries


By twisting the o-ring on the bottom to lock your oil. Clockwise is ON.

Make sure the intake holes are closed before filling, of course, we will close the holes before shipping.

This glass cartridge is better for thin oil with 1.2mm intake holes.

If taste burnt, please check if the holes locked or not.